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Fredon Township School

World History I

Kristy McFarlane

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Fredon Township School

Welcome to Fredon Township School
Mr. Sean Dolan, CSA
Mrs. Melissa Lewis, VP/CST Director
Mrs. Kristy McFarlane, SBA
Our School
PreK - 6th Grade
Safe, warm and welcoming environment
Recognized as a high performing district in Sussex County
Before and After Care Programs
After School Learning Center
1:1 Technology Program for grades 5-6, plus two computer labs
Variety of co-curricular clubs offered
Everything You Need to Know
about Fredon School

1. School Day
8:15am -3:15pm, including full day Preschool and Kindergarten.
2. Class size ranges between 15-21 students per grade level.
3. Departmentalized subject areas beginning in fourth grade.
4. Committed professional staff, with 67% holding post graduate degrees.
5. Students develop in a positive, academic and social environment.
7. Highly engaged and supportive parent volunteers and organizations.
6. Sixth grade class trips to Fairview Environmental Center and Washington, D.C.
Fredon Township School...
The Children are the future.
Learn how to tell the story of people.
All in all, we will learn about the few million years from the beginning of humanity to the days of the Renaissance in Italy.
Superior Playground
Manicured Playing Fields
Well Maintained Greenery
Air Conditioned Gymnasium/All Purpose Room
All Classrooms Equipped with FM Amplification Systems and SMARTBoards
1:1 Technology Initiative

In 2015, all fifth and sixth grade classrooms were equipped with a 1:1 laptop computer to be utilized throughout instruction of all major subject areas.
Sean Dolan, CSA
Twenty three years of experience in education as a teacher and administrator.
Melissa Lewis, VP/CST Director
Over eleven years of experience as a highly recognized special education teacher.
The Fox Den
Our Beautiful Grounds
Our Computer Lab
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