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Uniforms and Dress Codes

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Taylor Harris

on 5 March 2016

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Transcript of Uniforms and Dress Codes

Those in Favor
Those Against
Uniforms and Dress Codes
Uniforms and Dress Codes
By: Taylor Harris
In my opinion I believe that uniforms and dress codes are a good thing. You don't have to choose wht you want to wear in the morning you just choose a shirt and shorts and be on your way. At my school we do wear uniforms and crime at our school has gone down by a lot. Especially with bullies. I was bullied in elementary school and when I came to middle school, all that stuff was left behind in the past. I now have great friends that care about me, and they want me to be happy. I have even started helping out more in school, doing things like National Junior Honor Society and the Gifted and Talented group! I'm able to pay attention more in school now and that is a good thing. I hope you see the same things I do with uniforms and the dress code policies at schools.
Thank You!
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