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ABC's of House of the Scorpion.

No description

Amariss Webster

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of ABC's of House of the Scorpion.

ABC's of House of the Scorpion.
In the novel, many acts of betrayal had occurred, such as El Patron using Matt for his organs and Felicia betraying Maria killing her dog and then framing Matt for the crime.
The Chupacabra is a fictional creature that sucks the blood out of goats, chickens, and occasionally people. Celia had warned Matt about this creature that wonders in the night looking for prey. when actually she told him about it because she didn't want him leaving the house, wondering off and getting found.
In the chapter Death, Celia reveals that she had been giving Matt arsenic so his heart could not be used by El Patron and Matt could live. Due to not recieving the heart transplant, El Patron passes away.
Eejits are people who have computer chips in their brains, also known as zombies. Being turned into an Eejit was a punishment for doing wrong in some cases, like Rosa's. She had been turned into an Eejit for treating Matt wrong.
Farm Patrol were the people who controlled the Poppy Fields. Hugh, Ralph, and Wee Willie were just a few people part of the Farm Patrol.
Arsenic was the poison that Celia was supplying to Matt without anyone knowing, except for Tam Lin.
arm Patrol.
A Germ is another term for Embryo, an Embryo is a unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of development.
idden Cameras
In El Patrons house there is many hidden cameras placed around the house, in which Felicia and Tom have been using to spy on Matt.
Tam Lin teaches Matt many things, and one of them is to be individual or an independent being.
Matt's life has been nothing but a journey for him. He has had to go through many obstacles such as overcoming the fact that he is a clone and will never be treated as a normal human being. He also has had to escape death itself with very little help from anyone.
The Keepers are the leaders of the Lost Boys. They take care and control the group of boys. Matt is in conflict with them because thy keep accusing Matt of being an aristocrat, which is a member of a ruling class or of the nobility.
a Llorona
She is known as the "Weeping Women" who searches in the night for her lost children. Celia warned him about her so he would be scared to leave the house, just like the Chupacabra.
To wish evil or to harm one another, and in the novel many people were malevolent towards Matt, especially Tom and Felicia.
Whole Matt was being "taken" care of by Rosa, he was being neglected and tortured by not receiving the right care or nutrition that the body needs.
Opium is what is produced from the poppy seedpods and it is the main source of business for El Patron.
oppy Fields.
The Poppy Fields is the where Matt saw the dead Eejit and also where he was confined in that house that Celia and him had lived in before Matt was discovered by Maria, Steven, and Emilia.
El Patron is quaint because he is old fashion and does not use any of the current technology and likes to keep the idea of having everything old school.
Rosa was a servant and also Matt's care taker. But due to the way she treated him, which was not kindly, she was turned into an Eejit.
The scorpion is the chosen symbol or crest that El Patron uses for his family. But why the scorpion in the first place? They're not exactly friendly creatures. Plus they're really ugly (sorry, scorpions, but you know it's true). They're poisonous, sometimes lethal. They're sneaky, and hide from view until they sting you. Starting to sound familiar? El Patron, too, is sneaky and dangerous, and he's definitely lethal. Plus, it doesn't hurt that scorpions are known to be desert creatures, and Opium is a desert country. So maybe El Patron has picked a creature that he thinks is a fitting representation of himself – a powerful, terrible desert-dweller.
Turmoil means chaos and there was many desputes throughout the whole book, like with Matt and the keepers; and Mr. Alacran and El Viejo.
irgin Mary.
Matt had always thought of the Virgin Mary as a symbol of protection, the Virgin Mary was always on the side of his bed and he always gazed at her as he fell alsep.
Matt frequently upset the keepers with his unorthodox views of certain objects and views. Also Maria upset Tom and others with her unorthodox views towards Matt.
Willum was the chief doctor for the Alacran family and he was also Rosa's secret lover.
Means to be sick an tired of annoyed by something, and in the beginning Steven and Emilia was xickovit of Maria's attitude.
Yobbish means to be bad mannered, and in story Tom was very rude to Matt and other household members.
Misuse of military authority; bullying. Rosa had a huge case of zabernism when she was taking care of Matt. Instead of taking care of him she treated him badly and bullied him around.
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