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The 6 Troublesome Verbs

No description

Lizzie Clarke

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of The 6 Troublesome Verbs

The 6 Troublesome Verbs
The Six Troublesome Verbs are...
Lie vs Lay
Rise vs Raise
Sit vs Set
Lie vs Lay
Do you Lie or Lay on a beach?
Unless you're a hen, you can only lie on a beach
Lie: to rest; to recline; to be in a place
Lie- Lay- had Lain

Lay: to put something in a place
Lay- Laid- had Laid
Need an example?
I lie down on the hammock
I laid the book on my desk
How can I rise my SAT score?
You can
you're SAT score by learning how to properly use Rise and Raise
Rise: to go up; to get up
Rise- Rose- have Risen

Raise: to lift up; to cause something to rise
Raise- Raise- has raised
The sun rises in the east
I raised my hand
Rise = You
Raise= Object
Think about this...
Lie = You
Lay = Object
Do I sit it down or set it down?
Sit: to be in a seated, upright position
Sit- Sat- has Sat

Set: to put something in a place
Set- Set- has Set
I will sit in the chair
I set the cat down
Sit = You
Set = Object
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