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Flipping the Classroom

No description

Kelsey Payne

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Flipping the Classroom

The Blended
elementary Classroom By: Kelsey Payne Why the traditional classroom
isn't working... The Blended classroom
explained... Why the blended elementary classroom using the "flipped classroom" approach works ... What does the "flipped classroom"
mean? Benefits of the "flipped classroom" ~Gives teachers more time to spend 1:1 helping students
~Class time is no longer consumed with direct teacher instruction
~Students have the ability to rewind lessons and master curriculum
~Creates a collaborative learning environment
~Allows technology to aid lessons ~Different learning styles within one classroom ~Children are more likely to become bored or frustrated ~ ~Traditional classrooms
don't address unique
learning styles of students

~Children become bored

~Teachers often have 20 or 30
students in class, making it
difficult to make sure each
child comprehends the lesson

Bored Frustrated Not enough
time! Engaging ~A reversed teaching model

~Lessons are assigned as "homework"
through interactive, teacher-created or
professionally created videos
~Khan Acadamy

~"Homework" is done in the classroom,
with the teacher present to aid students Diversified Children are.. ~Blended classrooms intentionally
incorporate interactive classroom
activities using technology
to support the curriculum
children are working on. The "flipped classroom" is... ~A blended classroom allows for tailored, individualized instruction
~All types of learners are taken into consideration with a variety
of techniques used to teach a lesson ~Activities such as:
~Online virtual labs
~Video conferencing
~Virtual field trips Why YOU need blended learning in
your classroom... ~ Web-based resources are able
to provide more indepth information
~ Supports slow learners
~ High level achievers are able to
excel and enrich their knowledge
~ Students are able to access
curriculum from home if needed
~ A variety of studies have proven
students scores improve dramatically!
~Can help engage your students

~Enrich your students learning

~Provide personal and individualized
lessons, which are lacking in a
traditional classroom

~YOU have the ability to change a
students education for the better,
impacting their future FOREVER! Blended learning
is the BEST of both worlds...

USE IT! The Blended classroom is... YOU... Works Cited ~Educause. (2012). 7 things you should know about flipped learning. Retrieved from: 20 March 2013.

~Spencer, Dan. (2012). Flipped learning Resources. Daniel Spencer Blog. Jackson, MI. Retrieved from 19 March 2013. ~Education elements. (2012). The Basics of Blended Learning. Retrieved from 7 April 2013.
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