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The States. Group Project

The Prezi is created by the students. Each student edits the information of one state only and is responsible for the changes made to the prezi.

Tatiana Shalashova

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of The States. Group Project

Visit the biggest state of USA – Alaska!
• Come and visit Alaska, and you will never forget about it! This state is situated in the North of USA. There is more than 1 million square kilometers of territories to explore!
• You must not miss the heist mountain in US – mount McKinley. Also there are some beautiful cities with many different attractions: for example, Anchorage or Juneau.
• Visit some museums, situated in Anchorage, Juneau and Barrow to discover Alaska!
• Take a trip to Hubbard Glacier which length is 120 kilometers!

New Mexico
North Dakota
South Dakota
Minnesota -nothing is impossible
Come to industrial Illinois!
North Carolina
West Virginia
New York
New Hampshire
-Pennsylvania is north-eastern state of America.
The most famous town are Philadelphia, Pittsburgs and Harrisburg.
And I tell you about Philadelphia.
-Despite the fact that Philadelphia is among the five largest and
most populous metropolitan area of the country, it is quiet
and comfortable town.
-Here you can easily find a job. You can ride a skateboard. You can
wander through the quiet streets.
-If you come in Pennsylvania, then you'll love it!
Visit Georgia - "The Empire State of South"!
Visit the 4th biggest zoo in the USA, which is situated in the capital, Atlanta
Walk along the exhibit tunnel in Atlanta's aquarium. Giant sharks and beautiful fish swim over the tourists' heads!
Visit Callaway Gardens! It's a resort complex. You may swim in a lake with the largest man-made white sand beach.
Go to the Golden Isles of Georgia, which are situated in the southeast of the state. Swim in the clean and warm Atlantic Ocean!
Don't leave without tasting boiled peanuts, south Carolina's official state snack!
Observe the land and the view of the Blue Mountains from the top of Caesars Head State Park.
Enjoy the sunrise on the South Carolina coast!It is the time when the dark blue of nights turns to purple,then red,then orange and yellow.
Visit historic districts found in former mill villages,small Southern towns and cities , most notably Charleston.
Visit historical Springfield, where you can enjoy ancient buildings and also Lincoln Tomb.
Marvel fascinating scenery in the north of the Illinois, near the river Mississippi and visit mountains in the south of the state.
Virginia "Sic semper tyrannis"
Climb on the top of the Willis tower - the highest skyscraper in Chicago and enjoy the wonderful views of the city.
Take a trip to False Cape State Park - one of the last remaining undeveloped areas along the Atlantic coast, nestled between Back Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.
You can also relax on the Gold Coast, where you can swim, but also go shopping.
Visit National Air and Space Museum. Displays hundreds of aviation and space artifacts that are too large to exhibit in the museum on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
Don't miss Martinsville Speedway - only track which has hosted NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races every year since the division’s inception in 1949.
Corn U.S. state
Nature Reserves.
New Jersey

Desoto national forest is located in the Valley of the Missouri River in West Central Iowa is a haven for migratory water birds, particularly geese and ducks. In the DeSoto can hunt deer, turkeys and pheasants and fishing on the Lake.
Neal Smith national wildlife refuge and the Prairie Learning Centre. At the Centre you can get acquainted with Prairie cosystem of life to learn the peculiarities of the local flora and fauna and even the visit as a forester or a gardener and a plant. As you probably know, the most popular excursions are in children and those who want to return to childhood.
* Visit a wonderful state with spectacular views to the nearby situated NYC
* Wander in Jersey-City and see it's skyscrapers, such as Goldman Sachs Tower
* Wander in Jersey-City and see it's syscraypers
Interesting place in Texas:
San Antonio River Walk the largest and most famous tourist district of the city of San Antonio, which is a stylized representation of the Spanish-Mexican-style promenade along both banks of the San Antonio River in the historic centre of the city.
Nevada is a state in the western, mountain west, and southwestern regions of the United States. Nevada is the 7th most extensive, the 35th most populous, and the 9th least densely populated of the 50 United States. Nearly three-quarters of Nevada's people live in Clark County, which contains the Las Vegas–Paradise metropolitan area where the state's three largest incorporated cities are located. Nevada's capital is Carson City. Nevada is officially known as the "Silver State" due to the importance of silver to its history and economy. It is also known as the "Battle Born State", because it achieved statehood during the Civil War; "Sagebrush State", for the native eponymous plant; and "Sage hen State."
* Come an enjoy the most famous sight of NJ is “Six Flags“ - the attraction park with lots of extreme slides
The silver state
Las Vegas is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Nevada and the county seat of Clark County. Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city known primarily for gambling, shopping, fine dining, and nightlife and is the leading financial and cultural center for Southern Nevada. The city bills itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World, and is famous for its consolidated casino–hotels and associated entertainment. A growing retirement and family city, Las Vegas is the 31st-most populous city in the United States, with a population at the 2010 census of 583,756. The 2010 population of the Las Vegas metropolitan area was 1,951,269. The city is one of the top three leading destinations in the United States for conventions, business, and meetings. Today, Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Las Vegas
* Take a risk to go to the highest and the second fastest slide in the whole world with a falling degree 90 - Kingda Ka
You can enjoy a luxurious natural hot springs , break camp and boating in the Olympic National Park .
You can grab a coffee and have a picnic at Snoqualmie Falls .
You can visit the beautiful tower "Space Needle " and dine right on it.
Visit the city of Olympia - the state capital , is also a cultural center, with a thriving art scene , six high-quality theaters, its own symphony orchestra and live jazz community.

Six Flags Over Texas is a large amusement park in Arlington. Park is the first to be built by "six flags" name "six flags over Texas" symbolizes the flags of six countries over Texas for its history: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States of America and the United States.
The park opened on August 1, 1961, its construction cost 10 million dollars.
Kansas -
" Sunflower state"

At the mention of Kansas, many will remember the tale of the flying house and the Emerald City. It will not be wrong opinion, but it's not all that can be said about this state.
Kansas Area - 210 sq. km, population - 3 million people.
Capital of the state, Topeka, less then one of the most developed cities in the USA - Wichita.
The Texas State Capitol in Austin the capital of Texas. Historically, it is the fourth major release of building in Austin that housed the main managing bodies of Texas
Mission San Antonio de Valero former Catholic mission, which served as both a fortress and now a museum in San Antonio. The complex of buildings, consisting of the church and surrounding buildings, walled fortification.
If you enjoy the beautiful nature
and at the same time advanced city,
Kentucky for you
Visit the mountain state of Utah!
Aloha my friends! Night shows, kayaking, surfing, interesting tours can you see in Hawaii. All greatest islands: Ohau, Kauai, Maui, Lanai- are different.
Ohau - there were making serial "Lost", film "Perl-Harbor" were miking there too.
There too many beaches, night clubs, restrаurants ,and there we can visit Perl Harbor.
Kauai - on this island live Lilo and Stich and King Kong. There too many beaches, sun, food and havaians.
In Hawaii there are fastest track in the world- Hawaii eagle- it can goes 655 km/h
 Wander through the mountain regions and walk along beautiful and famous national parks of Utah!
 Visit the famous and rich museums of our capital - the Salt Lake City!
 Don’t forget to see the biggest salt lake of America - Big Salt Lake!
 Visit the top American resorts, which are situated near Salt Lake Cite!
 Don’t miss the most famous museum of Utah – museum of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day!

The Salt Lake City.
The winter Olympic Games in Utah.
If you enjoy nature, rivers, greens and at the same time advanced city - Kentucky for you
 *Wander through the mountain regions and walk past beautiful and famous rivers in a Colorado.
 *Visit the famous places and parks in the capital of Calorado – Denever.
 *Don’t forget to see the wonderful river-Colorado!
 *Visit the top American resorts there like a boating or bungee jumping.
 *Don’t miss the beautiful “oldschool” banks with old collections of coins.

The Golden State!
 Don`t forget about The Golden Gate Bridge, the most famous tourist attraction of Los-Angeles, it is the symbol of the city.
You definitely should visit the Hollywood, the specific area in Los-Angeles; it is the world center of cinema industry. Life is boiling here day and night.
Kansas takes second place after Texas in the number of tornadoes.

In Hutchinson located Kansas Space Center Kansas which, is open to visitors as a museum.
Don`t frget to visit Kentuky Dam Village State Resort Park. Large Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley - the ideal place for tourists, fans of fishing and hunting
I want to tell you about a wonderful place like Florida in the southeast United States and that the city of Miami in MDM, you can go shopping to surf or just lie on the beach and read your favorite book.
Did you know that in 2010, Kansas became for a month called
Take a trip to the 45*90 points - four points on the Earth's surface, each of which is equidistant from the Greenwich Meridian and the 180th meridian, the equator and the poles,the intersection of parallels 45 and 90 meridians.
Don't miss opportunity to go to the huge estate Biltmor in the city of Eshvill. It is the real palace, in which 250 rooms.
For tourists Iowa is a very interesting place. In the cities is, first of all, museums, theatres, monuments and ancient buildings of historical persons. But particular pleasure travel in State nature reserves and national parks, which in Iowa a lot, because the value that is given by nature, and try to preserve and, where possible, enhance.
First of all visit the Ship - the museum "Northern Carolina"
In this city, a lot of fun activities. You can simply go to Crandon Park for a walk and you can spend all day on this beach
Come and visit Minnesota!
Or go to Lincoln Rhode where huge variety of shops and restaurants. In general this is a very attractive place where you can go with family and friends.
Go to national parks: Great-Smoki-Mountains and Blue-Ridge. These are the most beautiful mountains in the USA. More than 60 species of mammals, 240 bird species, a set of kinds of fishes and reptiles live in these parks.
Wander through the Shakopee and immerse yourself in an ancient history of the state.
Have a rest in one of states of the USA – Northern Carolina. This honor state all it is located in mountains. The western districts of Northern Carolina call often "Land in the clouds".

Climb on Maunt-Mitchell - the highest Appalachians Mountain. It also is the highest point of the USA to the East from Mississippi.
Visit the Twin Cities - St. Paul and Minneapolis. Here you can find a lot of shopping centers and the biggest children's center - the dream of every child.
South Carolina-300 years of American history and traditional hospitality.
Museum group Slipknot
was founded in 2005 in

Des Moines. There are

storied copies of masks,

costumes nd tools,
there is monument to Poul Gray.
St. Paul

If you like nature, forests, parks, and at the same time, sports, casinos, clubs and live music - Missouri for you
If you like music, don't miss the nightclub First Avenue.
Take trip to the northern regions of Minnesota and marvel at the stunning scenery.
Arizona is a state in the southwestern region of the United States. It is also part of the Western United States and of the Mountain West states. It is the sixth largest and the 15th most populous of the 50 states. Its capital and largest city is Phoenix.
There are a lot of thing to do in Arizona. Endless outdoor adventure, world-class golf, unparalleled shopping, vibrant cultures, historic landmarks and amazing art scenes are just the beginning of all the things you can see, do and experience in Arizona.
Bright sunshine and fantastic weather make Arizona the perfect playground for your favorite outdoor activities. From fishing along Arizonaʼs rivers to hiking beautiful mountain ranges, biking along quiet highways or even skiing Arizona's snow areas, thereʼs always something new to explore outdoors.

There is a great list of things to do when you visit Arizona. Among them are
1. Visit the Grand Canyon
2. Hike in Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona
3. See birds, animals, and plants of the southwest at Boyce Thompson Arboretum
4. Take a 4-5 hr drive from Phoenix on the Apache Trail
5. Visit The Phoenix Zoo
6. Check out the great art at the Phoenix Art Museum
7. Be a cowboy and experience the wild west at the Rawhide Wild West Town (in Chandler near Phoenix)
8. Go sailing on Lake Pleasant (closer to Phoenix)
9. Visit Jerome (old copper town)
10. Taste espresso at great coffee shops in Arizona
11. Eat some great food around Phoenix
12. Cool down at Slide Rock in Sedona (2 hrs north of Phoenix)
13. Ski at Snowbowl (in Flagstaff) or at Sunrise Park Resort (about 4 hrs from Phoenix)
14. See one of the best preserved meteorite craters on earth (35 miles east of Flagstaff)
15. Go on a balloon ride
16. Skydive over Arizona
17. Check out the world’s first global Musical Instrument Museum (read our guide) in Phoenix
18. Go horseback riding near Saguaro Lake (October though April)
19. Step back into the wild west at Old Tucson Studios
20. Sleep in a Wigwam (Holbrook, AZ)
21. Arizona is serious about golf and has hundreds of beautiful golf courses
22. Listen to some live jazz right here in AZ
23. During the holidays (November to January) check out ZooLights for an amazing light display

 Relax on the south of the state, on the beaches in the resort areas and see the sights of the resort towns.
 Climb the famous White Mountains.
 Visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Rockland.

 Visit one of the best world's ski centers in Isle Sia and ride on the beautiful ski slopes.
 Do not miss the chance to visit Acadia National Park. The main attraction of the park is the Ring Road, which is located in the mountains of pink granite.
 Enjoy nature and forests.

Missouri is best known for its barbecue, and one of the premier locations to chow down is Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue, near downtown Kansas City.

A huge arch Wainwright in St. Louis, received the nickname "Gateway to the West", this - the highest monument in the United States.
This island of trees in a sea of agriculture known as Big Oak State Park. The explanatory Centre allocates park flora and fauna. Picnic areas and shelter, as well as hiking trails.
A spectacular view of the Missouri River Valley perfectly complements a bottle of wine from OakGlenn Vineyards and Winery in Hermann. The landscape stretches for miles, offering a relaxing look at nature’s beauty and a reminder why this region of Missouri struck a chord with its German ancestors.
Visit the state of Oregon
You can visit in the world's smallest park
”Mill Ends Park in Portland”.
Don’t miss the famous
Rose park in Portlend.
40 km east of the Portland begins picturesqe Columbia River Gorge with its canyon depth of about 900 meters, 70 waterfalls.
Oregon - a mountainous state in the north-west of United States.
Capital is Salem, the largest city is Portland.
Official nickname is "Beaver State"

Don’t miss the High
desert museum in Bend.
Arkansas is a state located in the Southern region of the United States.Arkansas is the 29th largest in square miles and the 32nd most populous of the 50 United States. The name Arkansas derives from the same root as the name for the state of Kansas.
Big Cats - This exhibit opened on June 23, 1982 and includes some of the largest predatory felines in the world. The African Lion enclosure has a viewing window to see the lions up close. The Malayan Tiger enclosure has a water pool that the tigers swim in and the Jaguar enclosure has optimal aerial viewing of the jaguars.
Little Rock Zoo. North Zone
Prior to European settlement of North America, Arkansas was inhabited by the Caddo, Osage, and Quapaw people. Explorers to visit the state include Hernando de Soto in 1541, Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet in 1673, and Robert La Salle and Henri de Tonti in 1681.

Visit Alabama, the cotton state
Visit the capital of South States during the Civil War
Wander through the streets of Tascalus – city and visit one of the largest natural history museums in USA.
Look at the stunning scenery of Kahaba river.
Visit four biggest stadiums at the USA.
Learn interesting facts about famous cotton plantations of Alabama.
Enjoy the great views of Mexico bay at Mobile city.
(Louisiana is a place where you can Pick Your Passion—a state with so much diversity that just a short drive takes you to another world within the state’s borders.)
Many of our plantation homes are fabulously romantic B&Bs and available for weddings.

In the town of Eunice, you can visit the Cajun Music Hall of Fame or go to a live Cajun music broadcast at the Liberty Theater.
Must-see museum.
National World War II Museum in New Orleans.
Don't leave without tasting:
-Flusskrebs in Louisiana
-Andouille and boudin sausage in Lafayette
-A sloppy roast beef po’ boy at Mother’s in New Orleans
-Boiled crawfish in Breaux Bridge; a bowl of gumbo everywhere (every bowl will be different)
-Alligator sauce picante in Thibodaux
-A muffaletta sandwich in the French Quarter
-Fried catfish at Middendorf’s
-The pecan waffles at Camelia Grill in New Orleans.
The Salt Lake City.
Don`t miss the Sacramento, the capital of California and The biggest city- Los-Angeles. The slogan of the California is «Evrika! » whereas, The nickname is «The Golden State»
 You should visit California, the state of the USA which is situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Sun is shining the maximum quantity of days here in a year.
Go along the Yosemite, the most famous national park, or another 7 national parks, which are situated on the territory of a state.
When you go New York, you can visit many interesting places
# At first you must visit the Statue of Liberty. It is very big statue, many people visit that place, because this place is very interesting, famous and beautiful
#Don't miss Empire state building, high house. This place is very fantastic , in this house you can visit interesting attraction.
Today MaryLand one of the 30 states- founders of the USA, have committed the American Revolution.
Here, on the Atonic coast there are resor arears, including the famous Ocean City, which is called "the number 1 family resort". In the west of Maryland? in it is mountainous part offer wonderful ski resorts
People come here to relax on the sandy beaches of Ocean City resorts or Deep Creek Lake, visit the marine restaurants Fells Point and Canton. DO NOT MISS THIS TRIP!!!
And do you know, that Abram Lincoin was born here? Come in Kentucky and you have a great time!
Visit Chirchill Downs - racecourse,
where competitions are held thoroughbred
horses. It`s very exiting!
#Take a trip to Niagara Falls, this place are very beautiful, because it is enormous and fantastic.
#If you are a biologist, visit the American Museum of Natural History. In this place you can see a loy of animals, birds and
#If you are a biologist, visit the American Museum of Natural History. In this place you can see a lot of animals, birds and human.



Lone Star State

"Through hardship to the stars"
Visit the Hodag - fictional monster was originally the result of a hoax, a joke, but then became part of the folklore of the U.S. state of Wisconsin and reflected in popular culture. In fact, the monster is not as great as a sculpture.
Galena is a symbol ("official mineral ') state of Wisconsin and nicknamed" Badger State ", as many miners who were coming faster than housing built, lived together with their families directly in the mines, like badgers.
The state capital is Madison, and its largest city is Milwaukee, which is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan.
Visit bay: Masachusrts,Keip-Code,Bazzards,Narangansett
You can go to the National Park of Keip-Code,forests,beaches of Atlantic Ocean
Take a trip to Boston. In Boston we can visit museum
of history,art museum,Garvard university
уEnjoy scenery of Plimyt,we can see first colony of New England and in Plimyt a lot of open-air museums, Mayflower ship
Idaho is the state in northwest region
of USA. Its capital and the biggest city
is Boise. Idaho's nickname is the "Gem State",
because nearly every known type of gemstone
has been found there. In addition, Idaho is one
of only two places in the world where star garnets
can be found in any significant quantities, the other being India.
In Idaho situated more than
40 parks. one of them
is a Yellowstone national park.
Wonder through the huge woods
and fields with many types of
endagered animals. Enjoy the
mountain air and volcanic gaysers
Visit the wonderful, full of attractions State - Nebraska!
Do not forget to visit the University of Nebraska. Located in Lincoln, branches in Omaha, Carney. Has several major museums, including the Natural History Museum, the Memorial Art Gallery Sheldon and a large collection of sculptures, as well as a concert hall. Library - the largest in the state. Established in 1869. About 30 thousand students.
The highest point of the region is considered Panorama Point: This mountain has a height of 1653 meters and is situated on the West of the Rockies in the spurs.
In the state of Nebraska for $ 25 you can buy a diploma of admiral. Absolutely genuine, giving the right to command of all warships. However, only in the state. For information: Nebraska located in the heart the U.S. and to the nearest sea on all sides by two thousand kilometers.
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