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I.B. Community Informational Meeting 11-15-2012

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Jason Bihler

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of I.B. Community Informational Meeting 11-15-2012

Dr. Sharon Chaney
Emily Munn Welcome parents, students, and stakeholders! I.B. Informational Meeting International
Baccalaureate What is I.B.?
How does it work? Testimonial Question and Answer Jason Bihler - I.B. Coordinator
Designate Experience - 12 years in teaching at Antioch High School
Role of I.B. Coordinator
Observations What is I.B.? Overview of Antioch High School Dr. Adrienne Koger -Executive Principal

Success, Challenges, and Vision Success and experience in the District What are your questions as we move forward on this exciting journey? "You really learn how to prioritize." Concerning CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service) - "...everybody's learning." "We do have those relationships." "In the I.B. we are all trying to think outside the box. Just the type of classroom we're having makes us more engaged, it makes us more curious. There are people that want to do things for a grade and people who are curious about their learning. I feel like a lot of people in I.B. are more curious about their learning." Students seemed to share the belief that before I.B. they learned a lot of things, but couldn't do much with them. Now after being in the I.B. Diploma Program, they had the skills to do more with whatever they were learning. Based on preliminary EOC data:

Algebra 1 scores increased by 8.8%.
English 1 scores increased by 6.4%.
Algebra 2 scores increased by 5.4%
English 2 scores increased by .2% CURRENT ACADEMIC PROGRAMS and OPPORTUNITIES Advanced Placement Dual Enrollment Dual Credit Virtual School JTG - Jobs for Tennessee Graduates AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination Freshman Seminar Internships/Job Shadows
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