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Action Research Project

No description

Heather Hurt

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Action Research Project

What I Have Learned The Fourth Step C's AR Test A Change in Plans Reading
Sticky notes with questions
Re-reading and answering
Sorting sticky notes on QAR poster The Third Step The Second Step 1. Pretest assessment using the Estimation of Reading Comprehension Level by Cockram and Shanker

2. Introduce QAR strategy

3. Read "The Mary Celeste" by Jane Yolen and use the QAR strategy

4. Use poetry and children's books with the QAR strategy The First Step The Initial Data Pretest using the Estimation of Reading Comprehension Level from Cockram and Shanker Meet the Students Heather Hurt
Samford University
Spring, 2013 Action Research Project Central table for small groups
Scheduled time for small group intervention
Teaching skills has to be a year long process
Constant discussions with students about what they are reading Reading poems and 'marking up'
Reading a related book afterward to help answer questions QAR
Question-Answer Relationships C's Accelerated Reader Scores from this school year C and B

5th grade boys at Shades Cahaba Elementary in Homewood, AL

Both involved in Tier 2 Intervention and both struggle with reading comprehension The Process The Initial Data B's Accelerated Reader scores from this school year "The Story Map gives readers a visual to help them keep story elements and sequence in mind. It helps struggling readers have a framework for important aspects of a story"
Ellen Helf, Shades Cahaba Reading Specialist The Research “Research on the effects of using this strategy (QAR) has shown that learning the types of QARs can enhance students' success in answering comprehension questions. The training appears to help average and low-ability students most” Roe and Smith p. 341 The Posttest References Chumley, Shelly H. Ph.D., National Board Certified Teacher, Adjunct Professor of
Developmental Reading, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Roe and Smith (2012). Teaching Reading in Today’s Elementary Schools: Eleventh Edition. Wadsworth Cengage Learning, Belmont CA

Helf, Ellen. Reading Specialist, Shades Cahaba Elementary School Posttest using the Estimation of Reading Comprehension Level from Cockram and Shanker B's Pretest Results C's Pretest Results More Research "Some kids have a hard time identifying the important text clues. That is why poetry is sometimes a great place to practice finding these clues. Poems lend themselves to all four question-answer relationships. Because of the brevity of the text, the important clues are usually a little easier to identify." Chumley, 2013 B's Pretest B's Posttest C's Pretest C's Posttest
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