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AS1 U1 L2 P.Perfect vs P.P.Continuous

No description

Sandra Arellano

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of AS1 U1 L2 P.Perfect vs P.P.Continuous

Get the right meaning,
answer yes/no Shaq has been playing for the Lakers since 1996.
Does he still play for the Lakers?
Yes, he does.
No, he doesn't. Jeff has been thinking about changing his career.
Is he considering changing it?
Yes, he is
No, he isn't They have been practicing English for many years.
Do they still practice English?
Yes, they do.
No, they don't.
San has played tennis for 2 different teams. Is Sam playing right now?
He might be.
No, he isn't
Jeff has already finished his homework.
Is Jeff doing his homework?
Yes, he is.
No, he isn't.
Matt and Paul have already cleaned their room
Are they cleaning right now?
Yes, they are.
No, they aren't. 1. I've been going to the gym regularly.
2. She's not here, she's gone out.
3. Have you been seeing the weather forecast?
4. Jhon's son has been growing since I last saw him.
5. We've known them for a long time.
6. I've forgotten his name.
7. She's been saving up for a new car.
8. She has been saving $5000. Now you'll interview your partner, but first we'll prepare the questions Name Address Educational
History Highest
degree Marital
Status Awards
prices Decide whether the sentences
are correct or not
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