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Jobs + tenses esl

No description

Anna Chernova

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Jobs + tenses esl

English tenses -What does an accountant do? -Where was the teacher yesterday? What did he do? What is the mechanic doing? -What is the pilot going
to do next Monday? -What are the students doing now? -What does the actress do? -What did the nurse do yesterday?
Where was she? -What can the plumber do well? -What is the butcher doing now? -What can the singer do well?
-What does the gardener ? -Where does the bank teller work?
What does she do? -What did the vet do last Friday?
Where was he? -What did the builders do last week?
Where were they? -What is the flight attendant doing now? Where is she? -What was the businessman last week? -What are the tourists doing? What did the housekeeper do
yesterday? -What can cashier do well? -Where was the weather person
What was the weather ? -What did the reporter do
last week? -What is the architect doing now? -What does the waitress do? -What can the chef do well? -What did the tailor do last week? -What is the newscaster doing
now on TV? -What does the couch do? -What can the artist do well? -The boss has a birthday.
What are the employees going to do? Where does the travel agent do? -What did the security guards do the day before yesterday? -What are the receptionist going
to do next week? -What is the pharmacist doing
now in the drug store? -What does the sanitation worker
do every day at work? -What does the taxi driver do
every day? -What was the librarian
last Thursday ? What are the factory workers
doing now?
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