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Out of Gas on Lover's Leap -

No description

Eunkyu Rhi

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Out of Gas on Lover's Leap -

Mark St. Germain
- Out of Gas on Lover's Leap,
- Just So, 1985
- Plague of Angels, A,
Forgiving Typhoid Mary,
- Time
Magazine's "Year's Top 10 Plays and Musicals"
- Camping With Henry and Tom,
- Ears on a Beatle,
- The God Committee,
, 2009
Freud's Last Session
, 2010
Becoming Dr. Ruth
, 2012
The Best of Enemies
, 2012
Fabulous Lipitones
, 2013
- Scott and Hem at the Garden of Allah,
Mark St. Germain
Mark St. Germain
- Birth date: ?
- Birthplace: ??
- Age: 59
- Started writing at age 30
- Before he wrote he taught
at a cultural arts center
- Wrote several plays and musicals
- Took part in TV and feature films
- Even wrote a children's book
Character Analysis: Grouper
- Conflict between Myst and Grouper
- Grouper "loves" Myst vs. Myst is emotionally attached to Grouper but isn't sure of love
- Conflict between living in the moment and being parted (Myst has to go to Paris)
- Conflict between Myst and her mother, Snow Angeleeds. Conflict between Grouper and his father, Senator Clifford Morris
- The impersonation of the parents not only provides a magnifying glass for the insensible kinship between the couple and their parents
- They both become so emotionally attached as well as drained to the reenactment that they run off the playful course and things start to lose control
- Myst reveals that she'll be in France with her mother for 2 or more months
- Myst has something else to reveal and emotions run high as she suggests that they start talking about the worst things they've done in their lives
- Play is set in Grosset Bay, New England at night
- Car is parked at Eagle Point, a cliff overlooking
the area
- Car will be portrayed by black boxes
- In an actual production could be portrayed to look like a 1975 Fiat used in Original script
- There is a parking barricade right infront of the car
- Barricade would be portrayed by smaller boxes

- Multiple beer bottles (6 or 7)
- Rolled joint, with nothing inside
- A plastic empty gasoline tank
- Black boxes for hood
- Stickers of Bruce Springsteen
and other Rockstars attached on boxes
A Scene From
Out of Gas on Lover's Leap
- Myst: Ashley Morrissette
- Grouper: Devon Goodnight

- Page 32 - 36

- Grouper and Myst take turns impersonating each other's self-indulged parents while still conversating with each other.
- Grouper first impersonates Snow Angeleeds, Myst's aging Rockstar mother
- Myst impersonates Grouper's father,
Senator Clifford Morris
Out of Gas on Lover's Leap
- Writer/Creative Consultant for
The Cosby Show

- Co-writer of
- Film directed by
Caroll Ballard
- Won the Genesis
Award for Family Feature Film
- Director/Co-producer of the documentary
My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story
Released in 2009
- Featured Richard Gere,
Glenn Close and
Edward Albee among others
- Wrote "Three Cups," a children's book in 2011
Mark St. Germain
The Gifts of the Magi
, 1984
Johnny Pye and the Fool-Killer
, 1993
- AT&T “New Plays For
The Nineties Award”

Jack's Holiday
- Based on Jack The Ripper
Stand by Your Man
, 2003
- A Tammy Wynette Story
created for Nashville’s Ryman Theater
Out of Gas on Lover's Leap
- First opened at the WPA theater on April 23, 1985 as an Off-Broadway show

- Fisher Stevens and Melissa Leo
starred in the first production
- Both are now well established veteran actor/actress who have played roles in over 50 films + TV through the years.
Out of Gas on Lover's Leap
OUT OF GAS ON LOVER'S LEAP is a perceptive well written work
" - Backstage

... creates a tender bond between its wealthy misfits and the audience.
"- The New York Times

... theatrical imagination and flights of humor...
- The New Yorker

... presents a compelling argument that today's times are forcing today's kids to put new twists into old rituals.
" - The New York Post
Plot Analysis
Plot Overview
It is the night of their high-school graduation and Myst and Grouper, two sprity, spoiled teenagers, have driven to the local cliff (lovers leap) for a private celebration. Myst is 17 and the daughter of aging 1960's female rock star and an anonymous one-night lover; Her boyfriend, Grouper, also 17 is the son of a self-important
and ambitious U.S. Senator.As they carry
on through the night drinking beer,
smoking pot and engaging in amusing, yet
unnerving interplay, it becomes evident
that both are completely lost souls whose worldviews have been corrosively constructed by watching their, self-centered, neglectful parents. While Myst and Grouper have plenty of money and psychoanalytic care, they are both miserable, if not suicidal.
- It would be night time
- Closing in on midnight
- Lighting would be unnatural
- Light should seem like it's coming from a lamp poll (Orange gels could be used)
- Indirectly towards couple
- The other form of light will be from straight on to seem like it's from the headlights of the car (White lights)
- The light would generally be soft. One may opt to use dynamic lighting during the emotionally vibrant scenes.
- ex. Fight/love, rising action,
and climax
- Opening song: "Dancing with myself" - Billy Idol (written in script)
- The song catches the two spoiled but lonely souls well
- There will be a number of Bruce Springsteen songs playing throughout the play as he is the couple's favorite artist.
- i.e. "Dancing in the Dark"
- Sound effects include car sounds (driving in and stopping), bottles crashing, fireworks, radio frequency, etc.
Plot Analysis
Plot Analysis
Character Analysis: Myst
Set Design
: Sound of car pulling over
- Car stopped on the cliff overlooking Grosset Bay
- Myst and Grouper wearing unbuttoned graduation gowns
- Myst turns radio off (hatred of her own mother)
- Grouper mentions his brother and also his hated father
- Myst offers Grouper sex
- There's something wrong with the car
Point of Attack
: Goes hand in hand with Exposition
- First scene introduces a drunk and emotionally unstable couple. Myst continues to offer sex.
- The scene unfolds that they both have parents that they abhor and are pretty much scumbags of the earth.
: Central events in the play
- Myst turns off radio rather hysterically
- Grouper brings up his mentally ill brother
- Car doesn't run (Out of gas)
- Grouper and Myst take turns blowing up at each other
- Grouper fakes a jump and Myst projects her feelings
- Grouper's failed suicide attempt on Christmas
- Myst sings
- Sex
: Central events in the play
Act 2
- Myst presents Grouper's mental problem
- If something doesn't go as he planned he filps out
and hurts others+himself
- Myst and Grouper talk about hypothetical futures
- They take turns impersonating each other's parents
- Started out playful but emotions escalate as Myst mentions that Grouper hates everybody
- Myst and Grouper share their secrets
- Myst opens up that she's pregnant
- Fireworks from below and the couple promise each other love and look back on how great the night was. Then they jump.
- Grouper's mentally ill brother
- Car is out of gas
- Grouper's failed suicide attempt on Christmas
- Struggles for both Myst and Grouper between them and their parents
- Myst is pregnant
- Both are emotionally unstable and yet only have each other to depend on
- The easy way out is by jumping
Plot Analysis
Plot Analysis
Rising Action
- In Act 1 Myst first mentions the possibility that she might be spending the summer in France. This becomes the motive for complication
- Myst brings up Grouper's suicide attempt
- They finally have sex in the end of Act 1 and become more attached to each other than before
- Myst tells Grouper she won't lie to him
- In the start of Act 2 Myst and Grouper begin by talking about future (which is completely unstable)
- Myst and Grouper impersonate each others' parents
- Grouper blows up and this leads to Myst opening up about leaving for France
- Myst begins the conversation of the worst things they've done
- Myst hints that she hasn't done the "worst" thing yet, but will be doing "soon"
- Chauncey "Grouper" Morris, 17, male, upper class, virgin
- Alienated son of Senator Robert Morris
- Graduated from White Oaks Academy, an exclusive boarding school for students with "behavioral disorders"

: moving from the driver/s seat to check the hood of the car, laying/standing on the hood of the car, wandering near the parking barricade (downstage center), jumping off cliff
- In a relationship with Myst. He is very dependent on whether Myst will stay with him or not.
- Emotionally unstable and has the tendency to hate everybody and all thing. Can get suicidal, wishes he lived in a simpler time. Desires an isolated life with Myst living in a quaint and cold town somewhere on the Atlantic ocean

- Changes from wanting to preserve sex for marriage/ambitious
about the future to devastation when Myst reveals her departure
for France

- Mystery "Myst" Angeleeds, 17, female, upper class
- Also graduated from White Oaks
- Out of control daughter of aging 1960's rock star Snow Angeleeds

Stage Directions
: Passenger seat, laying/standing on the hood of the car, jumping from cliff towards Downstage center. Mostly stagnant in center stage.
- Self-proclaimed expert at sex, good singer, wants to live in warmer weathered areas, bustling with people. Believes herself to be smarter than her mom, but can't help shake off the idea that she might be becoming her mother. She keeps hinting that she is hiding a few secrets that she herself wants to run away from and believes that Grouper might find disgusting and stop loving her.

- Starts out witty and bright but becomes more and more sympathetic and attached to Grouper. She feels sinful that she
may hurt Grouper.

- Has played a rich bad boy in the television series
Gossip Girls
- Has experience playing a victimized teenage rebel in the 2010 film,
Chace Crawford
- Did well in romantic, ambiguous love
stories i.e.
The Notebook, Time Traveler’s Wife, The Vow
- Has experience playing a confused high-schooler in
Mean Girls,
Rachel McAdams
- 2 pairs of Graduation Caps+Gowns
- Gowns will be unbottoned at the front
- Thick, charcoal, poly-sheen fabric
- Darker color fabric to match the mood of the characters
- Poly-sheen fabric for a slight light reflection of light to resemble headlights
- Prep-School Attire (Spring/Summer)
- Black and white polyesters and cottons
- Undergarments
- Flashy and colorful to be noticed easily
- During a conversation about their insecure future, Myst reveals that she's pregnant
- Myst has an emotional breakdown

Falling Action
- Myst and Grouper find resolution by being together. They find peace of mind and seem to have risen above the social institutions that were pressuring them

- They underplay the enormity of the problems at hand (France, Parents, Baby).
- Myst finally tells Grouper that she loves her
- Fireworks shoot up from below the cliff
- They meet each others' eyes and agree that it's time to end the "best night" of their lives
- "
They fly into the air. Blackout
- In
Out of Gas on Lover's Leap
our lovebirds Myst and Grouper are both protagonists

- The antagonist(s) is a multitude of unseen threats
- Parents
- Fear of the future
- Baby

- It can also be said that both are antagonists to each other
- Conflicting views of the future
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