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Maicol Steven Cobos Marroquin

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Globalisation

A lot of small local businesses cannot compete with big multinationals.
Competence between big and small companies
1. People lost their jobs
The principal consequence of competence between big and small local business, is that people who work in local business, for example in a little cloth shop will lost their jobs, because the demand of foreign brands will increase.
2. low prices of local products
the increased demand of foreign products will allow that local products (craft), will lose value in their prices, it is a problem for the people who live making crafts.
3. power of multinational
Finally, the power of multinational over market will increase and will destroy the crafts market, so the multinational will control all products in our country, and we will lose the importance of Colombian products.
The consequences of competence.
The possible solution.
Possible Solution
So, in conclusion we propose that people aware about our identity, our culture, our crafts, because if we do not want lose our country, we have to support local business, and do not forget where we come from.
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