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Pros and Cons of Bullfighting

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Kaylee Fry

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of Bullfighting

What is Bullfighting?

is the sport of baiting and killing a bull as a public spectacle in an outdoor arena.
Pro #2:
Bullfighting gives people a dramatized explanation of death, allowing them to be able to see death firsthand.
Pro #3:
Bulls who participate in bullfighting are celebrated and treated better than regular bulls who are generally used for meat. They live a more placid lifestyle, and are respected in the bullfighting culture.
Pro #4:
Bullfighting is an important key factor in the Hispanic culture. It gives people something to look forward to and something of their heritage to be proud of. It also gives the people someone they can look up to, such as the matador and his superior strength.
Con #1
Bullfighting is seen by many as an archaic form of torture. Many feel as though this cultural sport is harmful to the bulls, and harmful to the society by causing people to feel excited over tortuous bloodshed.
Pro #1:
Bullfighting provides the animal with a longer, better life than what is given to most bulls.
Pros and Cons of Bullfighting
By:Kaylee Fry
Con #2
The treatment of bulls in the
ring is often very agonizing, and bulls often die a slow painful death, dying in anguish and extreme physical suffering.
Con #3
In bullfighting, the bulls aren't the only animals that suffer. Horses used in the ring by matadors are often harmed by the bull because the bull views it as an enemy. It is not uncommon for horses to have to be put down because of their extensive injuries.
Con #4
Often times, the animals used in bullfighting are conditioned to feel more pain to make the show more interesting. A bulls body parts may be cut off while the bull is still alive, and their horns may be shaved down to make them very sensitive to pain.
In all, Bullfighting is a traditional spectacle of Spain, Portugal, southern France and some Latin American countries in which one or more bulls are baited and usually killed by a matador in a bullring for sport and entertainment. There are many pros and cons behind the historical sport, and many people who either support it or are against it.
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