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Exact - Software Development

Exact serves the entrepreneurial world with IT solutions. With 2200 employees in more than 40 countries we serve customer world wide. The software is developed in a distributed global organization.

Aad 't Hart

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Exact - Software Development

About me About Exact Global Distributed Product Development Live with my girlfriend in Delft
Degree in Engineering
15+ years of IT experience
5 years in an executive position I blog at: aadjemonkeyrock.com ... and search for yourself About the Organization Effective Teams Global organization
Centrally managed
Locally executed In many development locations Why so distributed?
Availability of qualified staff
Product acquisitions
Knowledge, legal requirements
Product rationalization
Costs benefits It's necessity,
not a choice With many challenges
Cultural differences
Different timezones
Language differences
National holidays
Product integrations
'Not invented here' syndromes
Flexibility in working hours
Time to market
Knowledge transfer and retention

...and do you recognize?
Are we talking about the same project plan?
Are the realizations up to date?
Which version of the requirements do you have?
I don't understand, my version says 75% complete
Can you email me the latest version
What are the outstanding items?
Who are involved in the project? There is a need
for structure! Development teams
are about people and (virtual) teams
With leaders and responsibilities
That need to get to know eachother
Working with frequent interactions
In a transparant organization
Sharing results ... in a structured way! What did we learn? 1. Collaboration is more than Communication 2. Requires a collaborative infrastructure
Structured process
Shared documents
.. all location independent 3. Create transparancy
Project and documentation insights 4. Measure results
... not the effort How do we work? It started with some structure Using a real waterfall Leading to
Missed deadlines
Quality issues
Lots of overtime
.. and demotivated teams Time for change Adopting Scrum Aad 't Hart - June 2010 First initiative
One product
One backlog
One product owner
One scrum team
One location Easy? Second initiative
One product
One strategic backlog
One strategic product owner
Many tactical product owners
Many scrum teams
Two locations (cultures) Recent initiative
One product
Many modules
Many backlogs
Many product owners
Many scrum teams
Many locations
Many partners We did well
Communication was simple
We already had continues software builds
Test automation became a focus area
The transparancy was highly appreciated
Team loves it Scrum at Exact We had to learn and adopt
We used scrum to implement scrum
Teams & managers needed time to get used to their changed roles
We needed to experiment communication technologies
Face 2 Face meetings are still essential for succes
Backlog grooming needed structure
... we are still learning and improving

The team recently launched their first product build with scrum. It was a lot less stressfull then the previous releases! We are still in progress to find the right way
Scrum isn't the silver bullet!
Teams are more sceptical
The retrospective helps to improve
We are confident to make it work
Keep learning What is next? The key challenges today
Dealing with more flexible, thus remote, ways of working
How to embed User Experience design most efficient in the process
What is the best balance between face 2 face and virtual meetings
Test automation Scrum is not the solution for our challenges, but it helps us finding solutions! Thank you
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