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Payton Olson

on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of Saskatchewan

Farmers in Saskatchewan mainly farm grain, while others are mining and logging. A company called Saskpower is the main energy producer in Saskatchewan. The province makes steel and had oil accidentally spilled in Saskatchewan river.
Northern Saskatchewan mainly mines and makes power, while Southern Saskatchewan mainly farms and makes power.
certain plants live here like the flower Achilla Arubis, and plant like organisms like moss and fungi. There climate is a boreal forest, the precipitation is between 12 and 18 inches. The temperature at its coldest is -49 f, while the hottest is 113 f. One landform is the Canadian shield,and Reindeer lake is one of the many bodies of water.
Three types of goods that are transported is grain, uranium, and oil. It is transported by a train named Cando LTD, through a river named Saskatchewan river, and down a highway named circle drive.
Saskatoon, the capital city of Saskatchewan absolute location is 50.4452 degrees laltitude and 104.6189 degrees longitude.
The main language of Saskatchewan is English, the main religion is christian. There food is probably grain products, and a holiday they celebrate is Remembrance day. They are 28.6% German, 25% Canadian, and 24.5%English. Two vacation spots you can visit is Waskana Central Park, where you can enjoy a amazing view, and Saskatoon, where you can explore local heritage.
political map
physical map
climate map
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