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1. What are the geographical features of the Salinas Valley?

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obrian hutchinson

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of 1. What are the geographical features of the Salinas Valley?

Of Mice and Men Virtual Field Study
What were the main features of the Great Depression? (What are the basic, most important facts?)
The Great depression happened around 1929. Over 3.2 million people were unemployed due to the great stock market crash is 1929. 30 billion dollar vanished into thin air.Thousands of homeless families camped out on the Great Lawn at Central Park in New York City, which was an empty reservoir during the Great Depression.By 1940, 2.5 million people had fled the Great Plains. Roughly 200,000 moved to California.
What were some of the causes of the Great Depression?
Prices of farm products fell about 40% by 1921 and remained low through the 1920s. Factories were producing products, however wages for workers were not rising enough for them to buy the goods. Europeans nations
owed 10 billion to the U.S. reparations. Their economics were devastated and had no way of paying the money back.
How did the Dust Bowl/Great Depression affect California?
The dust bowl and the Great Depression had a major impact on California. Due to all the farms drying up and there being no work thousands of families were forced to move to California to find work.
What were some of the struggles that migrant workers faced?
One thing that migrant workers faced during that time was well represented in Steinbeck's classic "Grapes of Wrath": In addition to the normal number of people who were willing to do the work, there were all the men who were out of work and the "Okies" who had lost their farms during the Dust Bowl years. This created a "buyer's market" for their labor which allowed land owners to pay them less than a living wage and mistreat and abuse them like never before.
What are the geographical features of the Salinas Valley? What kinds of jobs are available there?
It lies between two mountain ranges. It is also along the coastal region in California.The Valley is very well-known for it's agricultural community. There are also other jobs available, such as stores, fast food, business, and other companies.
Who were migrant workers and how did the Great Depression affect them?
The migrant workers were the people that made the journey from the Midwest to California. As a thousand workers would arrive every month due to poverty, unemployment, drought and them not being able to care for their farms.
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