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Johannes Kepler

No description

Stephanie Lee

on 2 April 2016

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Transcript of Johannes Kepler

To give you an insight on Johannes Kepler
Who is he? What makes him so special?
Let's Get Personal...
Johannes Kepler
Presented by: Stephanie Lee
Interesting Facts
Johannes's Achievements and Impact on the WORLD
His face...
The Johannes Kepler ATV
Kepler ATV Launch
Kepler was born on December 27, 1571
He was a sick child, but was born with a great mind
Both of his grandfathers were mayor of their city
Kepler had 3 children, Susanna, Friedrich,& Ludwig
On 1579 he married Barbra Muller
Muller died on 1612
On 1574-1576 he lived with his grandparents
His father was a soldier
Kepler died on November 15, 1630 because of a short illness, in Regensburg

Kepler made a big difference in the world such as:
being the 1st person to explain planetary motion
discovering how to use eyeglasses to correct near and far sightedness
being the 1st person to investigate the formation of pictures with a pinhole camera
discovering that objects we see are cast upside down & backwards on the retina
discovering the start of modern astronomy
Kepler's law explains the motion of the modern satellite
Known as the father of modern astronomy
Kepler's mother was accused of witchcraft
Wrote a sci-fi book called The Dream
Galileo wrote him a letter thanking him for believing in his planetary discoveries
Kepler had crippled hands and his eyesight was permanently impaired by smallpox

German astronomer Johannes Kepler was able to describe planetary motions with three math expressions
these were known as Kepler’s laws of planetary motion.
he carefully studied Mars and found that its orbit is not circular
orbits of planets are elliptical
elliptical means that the planets use the Sun as one of two fixed points in an ellipse called a foci
figured out that a planet travels faster around the Sun if it is closer to it
found a mathematical relationship between a planet’s average distance from the Sun and its orbital period (the time it takes to complete an orbit)
found that the squares of the planets’ orbital periods = proportional to the cubes of their average distances from the Sun
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