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khaled azab

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of AMER GROUP

Targets & Activity Plans for
2012 & 2013

Tropicana for Industry
Business Unit Structure Tropicana For Industry
Studio Masr
Halket El Samak
Alain le Notre
Coffee Shop
Abour Factory
This is achieved by:
To prepare the business for a rapid growth trajectory by fixing the operations
2. Improving the overall performance of our restaurants through the introduction of proven systems
1. Developing aspects of our core business thus maximizing the sales
4. Creating a sales driven commercial culture with alignment to the organizations
strategic imperatives.
3. Increasing the level of expertise within the business thus reducing headcount
Going For Growth
Strategic Plan 2013
Complete low cost refurbishment of the facility
Sales team to focus on building sales with a customer relationship manager
focusing on retaining and growing existing business.
Build a team capable of achieving our goals
Review external contracts ensuring retention of profitable contracts
Focus on purchasing to ensure that we have the best possible ingredients for the
best possible price.
Robust quality assurance program to raise standards
Production for Alain Le Notre Express moves to Factory in November
Outsourcing trial – commencing with security and maintenance.
Complete the review of production and distribution costs for each item
SWOT Analysis
Studio Masr Opportunities For Strategic Growth
Studio Masr Opportunities For Organic Growth
Good Reputation Within The Marketplace
Family Friendly
Famous For Our Shawaya Concept
Strong Product offering
Seen As The “safe” option by people
Reactive advertising and little or no LSM
Lack of systems and processes
Delivery business not competitive
Older outlets badly need a facelift
Lack of training and development
Quality & motivation of staff and management
No real understanding of the brand positioning
More menu innovation
Weekly specials and frequent menu updates
Delivery (Credit card / Sandwiches)
International Expansion
Catering (Live grilling / buffet)
Raising the profile of the brand through social media and PR.
Slow growth of the competition
Competition becoming more sophisticated
Continued uncertainty within Egypt
Rent renewal at key locations
New entrants into the market place
Rising food costs & the strength of the $
External perception of the brand
Building on great food and theatre of the brand and aggressively marketing this
“Studio Masr Event Catering”
Comprehensive package mixing above the line brand building activity with tactical & local LTOs.
'' 360 Approach to Marketing''
Qual. & Quant. research to understand how the brand is perceived
“Develop The Look & Feel Of The Brand”
Renovate Thawra & develop this into a low cost refresh and new approach for the rest of the brand.
Multichannel approach from TV to Viral Marketing
Creating a new brand moving us into the quick service arena accessing new markets
“Lebanese QSR Concept”
Low build cost and square footage maximizing ROI
High traffic locations will give the brand greater visibility.
Create a professional franchise package to aggressively market the brand internationally
“Studio Masr Franchising''
Stand alone delivery unit in central Cairo to extend delivery zone and remove pressure from restaurants.
“Studio Masr To Go”
Grow market share through menu development, improved operations & higher profile marketing.
SWOT Analysis
Halket El Samak Opportunities For Strategic Growth
Halket El Samak Opportunities For Organic Growth
Stand alone locations (Marina, Nile City, Sokhna mountain) are iconic.
Shawaya Concept
Specialty Sauces
Casual / Family destination
Amer group reputation
Joint units weaken the brand
Look & feel of the brand dated with weak fish display
No real critical mass of units
Positioning of the brand uncertain.
No innovation or ongoing menu development
Lack of brand building activity
Raising the profile of the brand
Up market residential compounds (Kattamiya, Rehab, Madinaty…)
International Expansion
Event Catering
Competition from traditional seafood restaurants
Economic & Political turmoil
New real estate destinations
Food safety hazards
High average spend makes the brand more niche.
Volatility of prices and quality of fish.
Use Thawra remodel to explore ways of giving the brand an identity..
“Increasing Restaurant Numbers”
“Halakat Franchising”
Explore developing the brand into stand alone units thus creating potential for
Understanding what the brand stands for.
Focus on “fish” &“market” emphasizing freshness, quality and simplicity
Joint units separated front of house creating a stand alone brand.
One team responsible for all aspects of the operations and development of the brand.
Undertake a program of brand building marketing activity.
Be famous for our fish and match the quality of our food with the quality of our service and the look and feel of the restaurant.
Staff to be “fish experts” and “passionate about fish”
New and exciting dishes to keep the menu fresh
High average spend could facilitate development of smaller less costly units
SWOT Analysis
Alain Le Notre
Strategic Growth Opportunities
Brand Equity (Foreign / French)
Pastry know how (decoration & heritage)
Factory base production (standardized quality)
Fresh Bread & cakes
No real brand definition
Operational & product quality
Product innovation / creativity
Lack of a world class Pastry chef
Pastry Range & presentation space
Freshness, product / quality consistency
Potential for smaller units to capitalize on key locations
Customized products (weddings, birthdays, events)
Franchise support & training
Look & feel of the cafés
High Price - Low quality perception
Delivery and catering
“Alain Le Notre Boutique”
Small footprint units selling cakes, coffee and bakery products in busy locations
Home delivery of cakes both off the shelf and bespoke for special occasions
“Alain Le Notre Express''
The ideal solution to catering in offices, universities, hospitals etc.
Modular concept, tailored to individual locations.
Wide product range.
USPs will be freshness and value for money.
Low start up and running costs.
Freshi Strategic Plan
Build 24 locations in 2013 which will give us 30 in total.
Launch of the concept into restaurants in a professional & cost effective manner
Create an edgy brand with a contemporary look and feel bringing out the quality and health credentials of the brand
Explore dual branding with ALN boutiques
Explore opportunities for mobile units capturing maximum revenue in the summer
Tropicana For
Industry Strategic Expansion
Create a coffee/sandwich brand positioned just above Costa/Starbucks with a focus on quality coffee, sandwich and bakery products in chic surroundings.
Work with retail outlets to have them stock and sell Tropicana products
Central Resources
Strong loyalty to Amer group.
Some individuals have many years experience
Lack of defined rolls and job descriptions
Large numbers of people seemingly adding little value.
Lack of energy and some cynicism.
Lots of manual processes
No line of sight to organizational goals.
Lack of the most basic performance management.
Training and career management.
Motivational program
Poor communications and planning
Internal communications.
Desire to learn and generally open to new ideas.
Best people poached by the competition
Central Overheads
Offset costs of other existing departments through delivery of services to third parties
Look to reduce manual processes thus reducing man hours to management information.
Process mapping program leading to departmental reorganization
Each role to have a job description and every employee to have a performance review.
Bonus linked to sales and profit with targets set as per potential contribution by each individual department.
What Next?
Obtain feedback & sign off on the plan
Complete recruitment of key people & the reorganization
Put in place operational improvements
Prepare, present & obtain sign off on a medium term plan
Big foreign brands now gaining a foothold
Local players offering cheaper French pastries
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