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Hayreddin Barbarossa

No description

Tommy Reslock

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of Hayreddin Barbarossa

Hayreddin Barbarossa
By:Tommy, Garret, Mitchell, & Carson
Early Life
Had four brothers who call became seaman
Mothers name was Katerina
Fathers name was Yakup Aga
Learned many languages including Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic, & Greek
Was Captured by the Knights of St. John
Later rescued by Barbarossa
Born around 1478 on the island Medille at Lesbos Greece
Initially started as a sailor when he was 10, but later turned to being a privateer in along with his brothers Oruc & Ilayas
Oruc the Corsair
Killed by the Knights of St. John
The brothers
The brothers conquered land and ships.
They were ruthless pirated who killed and fought
Became allies with the Ottoman Turkish Empire
Capture of the city Algiers
Captured the in 1517
Sultan appointed him governor of the city
Commander of the West Ottoman Fleet

Andrea Doria
Sailed in to port of Coron and captured Greece from Turkey
Sultan was furious
Promoted Hayreddin to the Admiral of the entire Turkish Navy in 1532
As Admiral
Built a huge fleet, and relentlessly trained his men.
Re-captured port Coron, conquered Tunis, blew up Silicy, & absolutely plundered the Italian coast
Return of Andrea Doria
Europeans weren't happy and sent out Andrea after him
Barbarossa destroyed them
More stuff
Was awarded the right to sit on the imperial council and help run the higher workings of the government
Barbarossa continued for a couple more years
End of life
Retired in a life of luxury
Died in 1546 at age 68
The greatest and most successful naval commander in the history of Islam
The writing on the top means
"Victory from Allah and an eminent conquest;
and give good tidings to the believers, O Muhammad."
Known for capturing any ship he came in contact with
Known as battle of Preveza
Born 1476
Began on the sea 1486
Captured the city of Algiers in 1517
Became the admiral of the turkish navy in 1532
Recaptured Coron in 1535
Battle of Preveza in 1538
Died 1546
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