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Copy of Laporte LinkedIn Training-Part I

Profile Development and Connection Building Training

Sarah Johnson

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Laporte LinkedIn Training-Part I

The reach and value of LinkedIn LinkedIn has more than 175 million users in over 200 countries More than 2 billion people searches were performed on LinkedIN last year LinkedIn has the most affluent membership of any social network LinkedIn Training-Part I What Impression Does Your Profile Make? A Complete Profile Business Purposes for LinkedIn Who to Connect with on LI Clients
People you have communicated with before How to Connect on LI Import tool Toolbar People you may know Advanced Search Lead Generation Awareness Building Relationship Development Research Recruiting Credibility Networking Use keywords in specialties under the summary section 1
Profile Header Focus on problems/solutions you solved Trip It
Slide Share Now what do I do? Contact Info E:sjohnson@inovautus.com
LI:linkedin/com/in/sjjohnson Linked generates 277% more engagement than any other social network. Average Professional Profile How to Build Your Profile Tips to Execute 2
Summary 3
Expertise 4
Experience 5
Recommendations 6
Additional Sections 7
Applications Tips to Execute Use First Person Include Small Pieces of Personal Information Write like you speak Customize Your URL Link to your website Use a Unique Title Add all companies and positions held Use keywords in titles Add all certifications Add all publications contributed or authored For optimized SEO, link to publications on your website Tips to Execute Tips to Execute Tips to Execute Top Apps To Include Reading Lists
Events Blog Sharing
Company Buzz Twitter
Polls Building Your Network Navigating LinkedIn What's Next Be specific about your recommendation request Get approval offline first Refresh your recommandations Laporte Employee Recommendation Policy Profile>Edit Profile Public Profile Home Page Edit buttons appear everywhere you can edit a section of your profile. Additional Sections are accessed by clicking here Access Your Settings Turn off Activity Broadcasts Tips to Execute Find Keyword Ideas Under the skills section
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