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The Foilage of Two Characters, Specifically Willy Loman and

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James Bratton

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of The Foilage of Two Characters, Specifically Willy Loman and

Foilage of Two Characters, Specifically Willy and Charley...

By James Bratton and Hannah Hodge
One should invest in a career that's cherished, yet the career should not consume one's life.
Willy's Derision of Charley
"Don't talk about something you don't know anything about"-Willy p.43
Charley was concerned about the Lomans and came over to help after he heard some noise.
Willy is mean to Charley because Charley is everything that Willy is no.
Charley did not reach success in the way that Willy thinks success is reached.
Both are businessmen

Both love their children and want them to succeed

Charley takes less interest in Bernard's affairs than Willy does with Biff.
Charley's son becomes successful, following in his fathers footsteps.
Charlie is more willing to help people than Willy
Willy's Refusal
Willy refuses Charley's job offer because his pride will not allow him to work for someone he believes to be of a lower caliber than him.
"You been jealous of me all your life, you damned fool! Here, pay your insurance"- Charley p. 99
In The End
"You're the only friend I've got"- Willy p.98
"No man only needs a little salary"- Charley p. 138
In the end it is shown that Willy does respect Charley, and Charley understands Willy.
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