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Molson Mojo - Fish Video

First draft of the molson mojo prezi.

Gera Nevolovich

on 19 June 2010

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Transcript of Molson Mojo - Fish Video

The Story... Where we started
What we did
What we learned
What we achieved Hurdles:
Skepticism “A Canadian is someone who knows how to make love in a canoe.”
- Pierre Berton “Canada will always be so infinitely bigger physically than
the small nation that lives in it... “
- Wyndam Lewis "We have an engrained respect
for our environment that plays itself out
in the way we deal with...the world.”
- Joshua Jackson Canada is a land that shapes its people... Reignite the passion that once made Molson Canadian the #1 beer in Canada STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE "Molson's best beer commercial yet..."
- YouTube FREEDOM!!! Yes, that and an intense pride for Canada is what it's about with Molson Canadiam commercials
- gracemarketing.ca "Absolutely the best. No other words to explain that. Love it. I AM CANADIAN!"
- YouTube ...So far Awesomeness
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