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Saudi Arabia

No description

Reagan Lacusta

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia By: Sean, Tyler, Reagan, Jazmyn and Jamie -Saudi Arabia is the single largest repository of petroleum (1/5)
-Birthplace of Islam
-National language is: Arabic
-Riyadh is the capital
-Mecca is located in Saudi Arabia People and Culture Daily Life/ Recreation Housing and Transportation Unique Customs Languages Holidays Famous Sites Points of Interest: Why do people visit? Economics Flag: Oil Foreign Relations Arab Spring - Education system
- Clothing
- Food GEOPOLITICAL ISSUE Tourism Many people want to visit Saudi Arabia because it is an unknown land. Until recently tourists were not allowed. Saudi Arabia has now opened up and is allowing anyone to see the beauty of the country. -Mecca. You are only allowed to go inside if you are Muslim. Places to go if Non-Muslim
- Riyadh
- Kings Fountain
- Taif
- Al-Balad -The Nabatean Tombs
-Red Sea
-Scuba Diving in Arabian Gulf THE END Arabic - A lot of holidays
- Eid-al-Fitr (Breaking the Fast)
- Eid-al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)
- Mawlid (Prophets Birthday) - Gender segregation
- Women's face covered until death
- Islamic Healing
- Miswak - Population
- Social Values
- Extended Family
- Activities
- Sports
- Movies
- Poetry
- Music
- Dance
- Prayer Conclusion -March 15, 1973
-Green symbolizes Islam
-The sword stands for either
the House of Saud, or military
power Center of world affairs Saudi Arabia is important!!! U.S.Dollar exchange 3.74 Riyals

Used to be largely agricultural, then oil was discovered in
1938 (90% oil)

The strongest economy in Middle

Unemployment is 12%-mostly
women. One of the last monarchies on the planet.

Mecca is the center of the Islam religion which 1.6 billion people are apart of.

Saudi Arabia possesses 1/5 of the world's petroleum. US-Saudi Relationship 2/3 of world's repository of oil Benefits given to citizens in the amount of $10.7 billion No Political Reform
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