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Behind Hitler's lines

No description

Laura Cody

on 11 April 2015

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Transcript of Behind Hitler's lines

By: Thomas H. Taylor
Summary 3
Joseph Beyrle fought for the american and the sulviot union during world war 2 he strived to defeat the nazi party and Aldof hitler. He succeeded in defeating nazi germany in 1945.
5 Adjectives
Historic and non-fiction
Summary 2
Joseph Beyrle was the only solider to fight for both America and the Soviet Union in world war 2.He was captured by America and he was mistaken for a German line crosser.Eventually he was held at the American embassy in Moscow, suspected of being a Nazi assassin.
Summary 1
I would give in a 10 out of 10.
I would recommend this book to boy and girls 6th grade and up, cause its bloody and alot other stuff about.
Cause its interesting to learn about the holocaust and what happened
Joseph Berle did not strive to be part f history, but history kept visiting him. he was the first paratrooper in America to land in Normandy And the only solider to fight for America and the Solviet union in world war 2
"Remarkable...Without a doubt, one of the most incredible stories you will ever read
-The Roanoke Times
Behind Hitlers lines
It is one book that i found hard to put down and i was sad when i finished it. - Mike P.
No wonder they are called the gratest genoration - David Black
Prezi by: Josh behary
Main characters
Joseph beyrle
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