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Fahrenheit 451 - Plot Diagram

No description

Auria Gonzales

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451 - Plot Diagram

Exposition Primary Conflict Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Fahrenheit 451 The overall thought of the story is that people are molded into what is supposed to be thought of as happiness.
- pg 1 The government censors things that may cause unhappiness and freedom.
- pg 8 This causes fake happiness because people don't know who they truly are because everyone is technically the same.
- pg 17 Since it is a dystopian society, no one has real independence. They have to believe what the government wants them to. They are brain washed.
- pg 19 Technology is taking over their society, and books are coming to an end. Books are banned in this society, and parlors take the books place.
- pg 20 The setting of the story is in the United States sometime in the future. There's not an exact date.
- pg 57 The overall thought of the story is that people are molded into what is supposed to be thought of as happiness.
- pg 58 In the beginning, we are introduced to Guy Montag, Clarisse McClellan, and Montag's wife, Mildred Montag.
- pg 3, 6, 12 Guy vs. Society: Montag wants to do things his way. He is always questioning society's way of doing things. In the book, he fights his own wife's opinion on things. He also fights his fire captain, Beatty's, opinion. He ends up killing Beatty with a flame thrower. He wins this conflict by running away after his house gets burned down, and meets up with a book group who wants to help rebuild the city.
- page 1-122
Guy vs. Himself: Clarisse changes Montag's ideas and views on his own life. He starts to question himself. For almost his whole life, he has burned books. Clarisse changes his viewpoint on books.
- pg 32 He doesn't know who to turn to about books. He doesn't know if he should continue to burn books like he's told, or to stop burning them and read them instead.
- pg 51 Montag wins the conflict within himself, and gives into the temptation of reading the books instead of burning them. He disregards the risks of books, and decides to read.
- pg 71 1st Rising Action: Montag meets Clarisse, and asks him if he's truly happy. This makes him want to find out what is in the books, and if his current life is really what society makes it out to be.
- page 6 2nd Rising Action: Montag comes home to find Mildred to have taken more sleeping pills than she was able to handle. Montag calls the "doctors", and realizes that this made him very unhappy.
- pg 15 3rd Rising Action: Times come up where Montag starts to learn a lot more about books, and how the firemen became to be.
- pg 8 4th Rising Action: A woman is burned alive due to her love of books. Montag witnesses this and wonders why someone would give up their life for books.
- pg 40 5th Rising Action: Montag meets up with Faber. Faber and Montag decide to correct society's ways. Montag goes and confronts Beatty.
- pg 80 The climax is when Montag and the other firemen are called to burn a home. They find out it is Montag's house. Mildred, Montag's wife, has betrayed Montag and turned him in as a criminal. Montag confronts Beatty and decides he must be killed in order to save himself and the city. Montag fights the Mechanical Hound, and is triumphant.
- pg 113-123 Group 7 Kristine Caponpon, Auria Gonzales, Michelle Nguyen The city informs its citizens that Montag has defied the laws. He is hunted down by another Hound, but leaves the city before he is caught.
- pg 133 Montag arrives at a safehouse where he meets fellow book lovers. The war starts, and the city is burned to the ground.
- pg 147 Montag seeks refuge at Faber's place. Faber tells him that the city is out to get him, and that there is a safehouse outside of the city. Montag decides to go there.
- pg 130 Montag and the safehouse people go to the city, and see everything is destroyed.
- pg 155 Montag and the safehouse people decide to correct society's ways. Like a phoenix, the city is destroyed, but will be reborn into one with true happiness.
- pg 163
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