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Wi f

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of tennis

Workshop SPC I Assessment skills:
Rachelle en Willem
An international tennis player (female)
suffers from anxiety feelings during a match.
When she is leading in the match, and can serve for the set, or the match,
she starts thinking about giving away this lead
, which will lead to very
anxious feelings
. Eventually, she loses matches that she normally should win. She doesn't know what to do any more.

Conclusion intake: This player wants to
control her nervousness during a match at deciding moments
in the match. Client wants to learn mental skills to
continue playing relaxed
and how she will be able to
focus on different aspects than on the anxiety

about us:
Willem Fabel
mental coach
played tennis for about 8 years
trained a tennis team (advantage
shorttrack / longtrack
speed skating

Rachelle Maassen
The benefits of self talk
can increase your motivation
can raise or lower your energy during a tennis training and game
focus on your task during the game
decrease your stress level
raise of self confidence
Who am I?
Why this minor?
Experience with mental coaching
History in sports
Current sport

How to move
Questions ?
energy level
What is Self-Talk?

Supportive voice

Critical voice

Create the desired mind-set
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