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PhD alpha

First Year Presentation

Nicola Masotti

on 11 June 2016

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Transcript of PhD alpha

One question to rule them all...
Is 3D Virtual Reality of any use for the ATC task?
We are not alone...
So many things to do...
...so little time
Where everything started...
Computer Graphics and Virtual reality have been around in the aeronautical industry for a long time.

Computer Aided Aircraft Design
Flight Simulation
Tower Control Simulation
Virtual Debriefing and Flight Reconstructions
Much more...

Who's missing?

My choice
...but most important...

Blender Game Engine
Getting help from outside
Real World ATC still rely on bi-dimensional computer graphics which makes much more sense to Controllers and pilots then it makes to others
People have been working on the subject for many years.
Unfortunately no shared conclusion was found.

Three huge European projects has been founded:

Virtual Reality Air Traffic Visualization Software

3D in 2D Planar View Display
Virtual Airspace Management System
by NEXT Ingegneria Sistemi
Looking beyond the ATCO separation task...

ATCOs are not the only ones providing separation (or avoiding collisions)
What if the three-dimensional representation could be helpful for someone else? (Ex. RPAS pilots flying VFR)
Blender + Python

looks like one, feels like many!
Modeling , Texturing, Animation,
Rendering, Rigging, Physics simulation,
Tracking, Kinematic, Particels

The PhD candidate
Situation Awareness
It was Interesting, but missed the goal
Mind-opener regarding RPAS integration problems in non segregated airspace.
Showed me the need for a strong background in navigation and collision avoidance systems.
Showed me interesting software for ATM research:
Nest (filter and grad ATM data)
Capan (analyze ATCO workload)
Euroscope (free ATC simulator)
eDEP (Eurocontrol ATC simulator, not "free"
Met very interesting people.
Getting help from the inside
Theoretical review of 3-dimensional representation in ATM
BGE modeling for Level of Detail (LoD) system
(Aircrafts, RPAS and Airports, Animations)
ATM data-sets fetching, handling, manipulation, import-export
. (Airspace & Routs, Real Traffic Information)
Terrain, urban features and meteorological data-sets fetching
handling, import-export.
CARE INO III Project - Cooperative Actions of R&D in EUROCONTROL Innovation
No matter what you do, HMI prototyping meas you'll have to code
Using a Game Engine helps to speed up your workflow providing you with GUI & APIs to deal with logic, graphics and physics.
Could be another one
Both are free and cr0ss-platform
Blender is open-source
You find extensive support on the internet
A skilled Blender Artist may do this in 40 minutes...
Augmented Virtual Reality Towers
Do you believe in a Digital world?
How do they stand compared to Remote Towers?
Do they exclude each other?
Python & Blender (nothing knew)
VTK & Paraview: mainly for Scientific Visualization, to be intended as data-set visualization and filtering.
Qt, a GUI development software and API. Very interesting, but probably not the best choice for blender.

eDep mediator?
Requirements definition. (not in favor)
Concepts and prototype evaluator.
ATC/ATM theory and practice
(Area, Approach and Tower Control)
ATM & Airspace data-sets
: grub them, use them! (how?)
ICAO Annexes, PANS, Manuals, Circulars, Documents
Annex 2 – Rules of the Air,
Annex 11 – Air Traffic Services – Air Traffic Control Service, Flight Information Service and Alerting Service
Annex 14 – Aerodromes
PANS-OPS, (Doc 8168), Procedures for Air Navigation Services — Aircraft Operations
Cir 328 AN/190 - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
...and much more!
ICAO initiatives compliance:
PBO (Performance Based Operations)
TBO (Trajectory Based Operations)
CCO (Continuous Climb Operations)
CDO (Continuous Descend Operations)
...and much more!
SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) compliance:
i4D Trajectory Management paradigm
UPR (User Preferred Routing)
...and much more!
Sens & Avoid and Collision Avoidance equipment
Synthetic Vision Equipment
Blender Game Engine Application Programming Interface (BGE API)
BGE Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Rigging
BGE Graphical User Interface API (Bgui)
BGE import-export
Human Factors theory and methods
Python programing
OpenGL pipeline and three-dimensional Computer Graphics (CG)
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