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keely samuels

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

by: Keely, Rachel, Bryson, and Tyra The Lightbulb Invention!!! Thomas Edison First Lightbulb! How the Lightbulb grew into something better. Lightbulb He actually didn't create the 1st lightbulb ever used. He modified it so it could be put in homes. Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847. Born in Milan,Ohio. Raised in Port Huron Michigan. Parents names were Nancy and Samuel Edison. 1879 - Thomas Alva Edison invented a carbon filament that burned for forty hours. Edison placed his filament in an oxygenless bulb. (Edison evolved his designs for the lightbulb based on the 1875 patent he purchased from inventors, Henry Woodward and Matthew Evans.) In the 1870s, many inventors were working on creating lighting devices, but until Edison became involved, what existed was electric arc lighting. This kind of lighting system was one in which lights were connected in a series circuit, so if one failed, the whole circuit failed. Edison boasted that he would create a safe, reliable, and inexpensive electric light to replace the gaslight ystem and circuit system. Light bulb: electric lamp consisting of a transparent or translucent glass housing containing a wire filament........ Thomas Edison was a famous inventor and scientist. An incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incandescent light globe is an electric light which produces light with a filament wire heated to a high temperature by an electric current passing through it, until it glows (see Incandescence). The hot filament is protected from oxidation with a glass bulb that is filled with inert gas (or evacuated). This is an AMAZING powerpoint by: Keely, Rachel, Tyra, and Bryson! Images from the First LIGHTBULB
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