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Volleyball Presentation

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Julia Prien

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Volleyball Presentation

History of the Game
Volleyball was created in 1895 by William G. Morgan in Holyoke, Massachusetts
It was originally called mintonette
In 1900 a special ball was designed for the sport
Volleyball was one of the most popular sports in 1907
The game was changed from 21 points to 15 points in 1917
In 1920 more rules were added
1928 was the year that the United States Volleyball Association was formed
The forearm pass was introduced in 1937
In 1948 two man beach volleyball was introduced
By 1951 volleyball was played by over 50 million people in 60 countries
The 1960s brought new plays like bumping and blocking
Volleyball was in the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games for the first time
The first internet cite on volleyball was created in 1994
In 1995 volleyball was 100 years old
Two person beach volleyball was added to the Olympics in 1996
By Kylee Fameree and Julia Prien
What it is/how to play
Who Can Play
Where To Play
Health Benefits
Fun Facts and Myths
Possible Injuries
Volleyball is a game made up of two teams of six players. The ball is hit with hands over a net, you can score by hitting the ground on the opposing team's side (or your own) or hitting the net.
People who play volleyball can range in age from about 10 to 50
You can play volleyball in an indoor or outdoor court. Some places near by to play volleyball could be the Pulaski Middle School, Pulaski High School, and Oconto Falls High School.
Myth: Falling on the ground means you're a good passer. This is not true, diving for the ball should only be a last resort.

Fun Facts:
The longest recorded Volleyball game took 75 hours and 30 minutes
Volleyball is the second most popular sport in the world
Wrist tendinitis
Bursitis of the elbow
Low back pain
Frozen shoulder
video link here
Good cardiovascular (Heart) exercise
It helps hand-eye coordination
Improves flexibility in your hands and feet
Helps your speed and agility
It boosts your mental concentration
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