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Nate Davis

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of China

Ancient China was a land full of great inventors, tinkerers, and thinkers. Although there are too many inventions to show, here is a chance to check out one that impacts us every day.
The Spinning Wheel
How it works
A wheel stretches and makes the string straight, while a drive belt, or an ancient, human powered conveyor belt, made it spin.
The spinning wheel was one of ancient China's greatest inventions, but why? Read on to find out.
Who were the first people to use it?
Many dynasties were active around the time it was made, so no one really knows who used it first.
Ways to use it
Its use is pretty straightforward; to make a silk string, simply boil a silk cocoon, or any other weaving material, like wool, take the threads, put them on the wheel, and start spinning! Easy as that.
Modern versions
The amazing thing is that the idea of the spinning wheel hasn't changed very much through a millennial! It still is the same thought, just with new material.
The dynasties that were active and that might have invented the spinning wheel
Western Xia
Northern Song
Other facts
1035-first discovered
It might not have even been invented in China, because some historians think that spinning wheels were invented in ancient India in 500-1000 BC.
The rest of the world learned about the wheel in the 13th century.
No one knows exactly who invented it.
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