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Branding_Chs 6 & 7

Get Beyond Functional Benefits / Create “Must-Haves”, Rendering Competitors Irrelevant

Mike Breazeale

on 10 June 2018

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Transcript of Branding_Chs 6 & 7

Strategic Brand Management
Functional Benefits
Those benefits related to product attributes that the customer values because of what they do for them or what they allow the customer to do
Emotional Benefits
Those benefits that relate to the ability of the brand to make the buyer or user feel something during the purchase process or use experience
Social Benefits
Those benefits that make the user feel that they are part of a social group that implies certain member benefits
Self-Expressive Benefits
Creating Barriers to Entry
What are the ways a brand can establish "must-have" status?
Transformational innovation
Dr. Mike Breazeale
Chapters 6 and 7
Get Beyond Functional Benefits
Creating "Must-Haves", Rendering Competitors Irrelevant

Why promote something other than functional benefits to meaningfully differentiate our brand?
Functional benefits can be imitated.
Functional benefit differentiation assumes rational evaluation.
Functional benefits can confine the brand when it's time to expand / extend.
What kinds of benefits ARE recommended for meaningful differentiation?
"When I use this brand, I feel ________."
Brand Personality
"When I use this brand, I am ________."
Those benefits that allow the user to show others who they feel they are (
actual self
) or who they want to be (
ideal self
"When I buy or use this brand, the type of people I relate to are _______."
How do you decide which benefits of your brand are best to emphasize?
Look at the experiences of your most loyal customers to see which they especially value.
Think of the benefits that your brand could potentially create if you extended the offering.
Consider what the personality of your brand (or your brand values) imply
- Jerry Garcia
"You don't want to be considered just the best of the best;
you want to be the considered the ONLY one who does what you do."
Changes what is bought and sold, transforming the way that consumers see the product category
Substantial innovation
Doesn't change the actual offering but significantly enhances it with new features or vast improvements on an old product
System offering that combines components
New technology
Product designed for a specific segment
Lower price point
Appealing design
Basis for the customer relationship
Doesn't actually change the product, but provides something that is meaningful to the customer
A shared interest
A personality that connects
A passion
Organizational values
Differentiated with Must-Haves
Proprietary knowledge or expertise
Be a moving target
Move beyond functional benefits
Brand equity
Be prepared to scale the concept
Be considered AUTHENTIC
Flawlessly execute your product
Brand your innovation differentiator
Become a sub-category exemplar
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