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What makes the French Revolution successful?

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on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of What makes the French Revolution successful?

Is the French Revolution successful? Why or why not?
By 1789, France was in debt from their funding the American Revolution but King Louis XVI spent half of the national budget to service the federal debt which soon led them to declare bankruptcy. This ruined a year's harvest thereby raising food prices and causing a wide spread of hunger. Which is one of the reasons that led to the revolution.
The outcome
- Swept away the French monarchy along with the nobilit
- Changed the economical, political and social structures of France (forever)
- Beginning of a democracy
The causes
In the 18th century, France was a populous and rich country. They had problem collecting taxes because of the way their society is structured. They had a system with kings and nobles (ancien regime). People with money, the noble and the clergy didn't have to pay taxes.
The Révolution Française (French Revolution) [1789-1799] is often seen as a bloody mess. Just like most of the other revolutions, in the end it exchanged an authoritarian regime for an authoritarian regime. The ideas of the revolution changed the human history, that I can explain, more than the American Revolution.
I have to argue that the French Revolution was far more revolutionary than the American counterpart.The American Revolution did nothing to change the polarization of wealth. The French Revolution was so radical because of its insistence on the ideals. These ideas come from the citizens and not kings or gods, and that those laws should apply to everyone, equally.
Why is it successful?
What makes it successful?
The revolution succeeded in spreading enlightenment ideals even though it didn't bring democracy to France.
By Prima Lo Y9 Joy
- New traditions was implemented
- The government did changed from monarchy
- New economy based on personal possessions.
Six Stages
Stage 6: Revolution
That actually meant that the National Assembly who has been the voice of t revolution of the people, killed people to attempt the revolutionary fervor. Which made it worse for France.
Stage 1: Fall of the old order
After several meetings and votes, everything was deadlocked and the third estate decided to leave and form their own National Assembly.
Stage 2: Rule by moderates
The third estate representatives found a different room in France, an indoor tennis court and agreed not to give up until they established a French constitution.
Stage 3: The terror
They responded to Louis XVI sending troops to quell food by seizing the Bastille Prison on July 14th to free prisoners (there was only 7 prisoners at that time) but mainly they wanted to get guns.
Stage 4: Turn away from radical rule
On August 4th the ancien regime was abolished. The privileges for nobles, unequal taxations, tithes, all got abolished when the National Assembly starting writing the new constitution.
Stage 5: Military rule
Sooner or later, the Jacobins had a huge petition drive that got a bit unruly and then got controlled by troops led by the National Assembly and not the kings to fire the crowd killing 50 people.
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