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Shower gel

No description

Lady Matcha

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Shower gel

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Prolong usage of SLS •Skin irritation
•Hormone imbalance
•Eye irritation/ Eye deformities in children
•Protein denaturing
•Carcinogenicity What is SLS? -Primary Surfactant
-Foaming effect
-Drying to the skin
-Corrosive & irritant Quoted from International Journal of Toxicology "‘Sodium Lauryl Sulfate had a degenerative effect on the cell membranes because of its protein denaturing properties’. The journal also mentioned that low levels of skin penetration may occur if it is used at high concentration. A report that was published in the Journal of American College of Toxicology also states that concentration of SLS as low as 0.55 can cause skin irritation. At higher percentage concentration of approximately 10% to 30% can cause skin corrosion and severe skin irritation. It is also suspected that SLS is linked with deformities in children, imbalance in hormones and protein denaturing. It disturbs the protein structure of body cells." Developing an SLS free shower gel -Replace SLS with milder alternative
-Use Amilite GCK-12H as primary surfactant for this project Primary Surfactant Secondary Surfactant Thickener Preservative Typical shower gel components Foaming, cleansing, emulsification -Foam booster/ Stabilize foam;
-Reduce irritancy/ enhance
mildness of primary cleansing
surfactants or other ingredients
-Enhance viscosity of the product
-Solubility improvement Humectant Emollient Increase viscosity Binds water and help other
substances retain moisture Softens skin and helps
in water retention Fragrance Extend shelf-life of product and
prevent microbial contamination Impart pleasant scent
so as to make it more
appealing to consumers Shower gel/ Body wash -Cleanse the body
-Remove oil, dirt, dust and impurities from skin
-Cheaper shower gels
are formulated with
-SLS is harmful in the
long run Ingredients Used Amilite GCK-12H -Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate
-Glycine based: Main amino acid constituent of human collagen
-Mild anionic surfactant, high foaming properties
-Creamy resilient foam, good foaming in presence of oil
-Refreshing, non-tightening feeling on skin Cocoamidopropyl Betaine -Amphoteric surfactant
-Use to thicken formulation, improve mildness
-Antistatic and foam boosting properties
-Typically use as secondary surfactant Cocamide DEA -Derived from coconut oil, rich in fatty acid
-Viscosity adjuster, emulsifying
-Thickener, foam boaster Glucamate VLT -Thickener
-Mild, easy to use
-Ideal for mild
surfactant formula
-PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Trioleate Glycerin Ajidew Citric Acid -Derived from L-glutamic acid which is present in NMF
-Keeps skin and hair fresh-looking and hydrated
-Useful as humectant: excellent moisturizing effect,
safe for mucosa of eye and skin
-Prevent skin dryness
-Increase elasticity and softness of skin and hair -Three hydroxyl groups contribute to solubility in water and hygroscopic nature
-Used as humectants
-Attract water from environment and deeper layers of skin
-Enables stratum corneum to retain high water content
-Resembles skin natural oil called sebum -Weak organic acid present in citrus fruits
-Preservative because of anti-oxidant property
Adjust pH by lowering pH values
-May cause skin or eye irritation Procedures 1. An empty beaker was weighted
and the weight was recorded as x g. 2. Amilite, Cocamidopropyl betaine, the
stated thickener (either Cocamide DEA,
Glucamate VLT or Novethix) and water
were added according to the calculated
formulation 4.The pH of the mixture was adjusted to
roughly pH6.0 using 15% citric acid solution.
Amount of citric acid used was recorded. 3.The mixture was stirred
until homogeneous with the
overhead stirrer. carried out. bottles. 7.Detergency test and foaming ability test were carried out. overnight for the foam to settle down. 6.Viscosity of the mixture were measured
and recorded down. 5.The mixture was then left .9.Stability test, both hot and cold, were .8.The mixture was poured into the respective Survey 1.Please tick your age group

2. Please tick your gender
_Male 3.Please put numbers and rank the criteria according to what you would prefer for a shower gel (6 being most mportant, 1 being the least important)

_Able to rinse off easily
_Skin feel (Moisturize after washing, not tacky)
_Good foaming ability
_Compatible with the skin
_Packaging 4.Which is your most preferred skin feel after showering?
_Squeaky clean
_Soft and smooth feel 5.SLS which stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulphate has harmful effect on our body even though it gives good cleansing. If you could use a SLS-free shower gel, would you consider using it?
_No 6.What is the highest price range that you’re willing to pay for an SLS free shower gel?
_>$20 Experimental results and findings Detergency Test 1. To test the detergency of the formulation, some adulterated mascara was
placed on the PP boards. A few drops of the shower gel formulations was
dripped onto the mascara spots and rubbed with a finger for 10 seconds.

2. The PP board was left alone for a minute before gently washing it off
with water.

3. The detergency of the shower gel was ranked (1 to 7, 1 being the least
amount of mascara left) according to the amount of mascara left on the
4. This experiment was then repeated with the market products. Foaming ability Test 1.About 0.5ml of shower gel and 5 ml of distilled water was added into the disposable test tube.
2.The test tubes were covered and shaken for 10
3.The foam height of each shower gel in each test tube was recorded and observed.
4.The foam height was taken again after 5 minutes. Stability Testing 1.Cold stability testing-Samples of the shower gel formulations were placed in the 0 °C refrigerator for 3 months.
-Changes in appearance of the samples were recorded after 3 months.
-Samples that have changes were rejected.
2.Hot stability testing
-Samples of the shower gel formulations were placed in the 45°C oven for 3 months.
-Changes in appearance of the samples were recorded after 3 months.
-Samples that have changes were rejected. Viscosity Testing 1.The viscometer was switched on and a spindle (R2) was selected and attached on it.

2.The spindle was immersed into the mixture until the mixture level covers the grooves in the spindle’s shaft.

3.A speed of 20RPM was selected with a fixed time of one minute.

4.The reading of the viscosity measurement was recorded. -EC 3
Able to stay clear at pH

-EC 17
Able to stay clear at pH
Highest amount of Amilite in the formulation Formulations to Scale Up Sensory evaluation Organic shower gel EC 17 Ajidew SLS formulation Style shower gel EC 3 Sensory Test results Recommendation -Sensory panel test
-Adding special ingredients
(eg: jojoba beads to make it an exfoliating shower gel)
-Find a way to make this a non-rinse off shower gel (maybe wipes?)
-Add fragrance for extra characteristic (eg: peppermint to give refreshing effect) Final product EC 17 with Ajidew Benefits
-It is mild and not irritating to the skin
-It is clear and close to skin’s pH
-It has a good after-feel
-It is relatively cheap
-It is similar to the popular Organic shower gel The End Questions & answers Formulation of a low cost, clear SLS free shower gel
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