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The Influence of African Americans on South America

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Katie Lavender

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of The Influence of African Americans on South America

Early Beginnings
The Influence of African Americans on South America
* South America was one of the first places in the West populated by African Immigrants.
* Slavery existed years before Christopher Columbus and other explorers.
* Escaped slaves settled in Barlovento
which is now predominately
Influence: Music
Influence: Culture
Influence: Relgion
* Brazil has the second largest population of Africans, behind Africa.
* During Immigration between 1502-1866, it is estimated that 11.2 million Africans come to the Americas yet only 450,000 went to the US.
*Statistics are hard to find due to lack of census representation.
* Creolization = the way Africans adapted to American ways
* Languages evolved based off of location. They tend to reflect West African speech patterns.
* Carnival originated from the african immigrants and was was looked down upon by the upper class.


* http://www.aaregistry.org/historic_events/view/blacks-latin-america-brief-history

* http://www.npr.org/2011/07/27/138601410/what-it-means-to-be-black-in-latin-america

* Dance: The Candombe is an African dance featured at festivals in Argentina.
* Brazilian music is heavily influenced by african beats.
*The first music school in Brazil was founded by an Afro-Latino.
* There are many well known sects highly populated by Afro-Latinos such as the Pentecostals and the Church of God.
There are also sects of African origin such as Voodoo, Shango, and many others.
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