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Schooled By:Paul Langan

No description

Chadeya Hill

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Schooled By:Paul Langan

My book report By:Chadeya Hill
Schooled By:Paul Langan
A Bluford Series Book

Introduction of the story
Linoel Shephard is a boy with his head in the clouds in school he is bad but when it comes to Basketball there's no stopping him.
Chapter Summarie 1
Linoel Shephard is a kid who can't read and his teacher Mrs.Henly was bugging him in class that day she feelt sorry for him because his parents got a divorce,Linoel is a freshman at Bluford High he is a class clown there's is one thing that he's serious about is basketball he loves it he even dreams about it
Chapter Summarie 2
Chapter summarie 3
Linoel and his best friend Dontrell when to the court where the gym is and Dontrell's brother cooper was there with his best friend Steve they where playing Basketball and cooper engaged Linoel to play the best basketball player on the team at Bluford High so he played him and when Steve dunked on him he busted Linoels lip and it started to bleed he came back and he dunked on Steve then the police came and cleared the park.
Chapter Summarie 4
Linoel went to work at the car wash and he had a friend that dropped out of school he has been out of school for a 1 year now and his name is Jamal he was telling Linoel that he should drop out of school because he didn't want to show his ather his bad grades and tell him how bad he was doing in school. But Linoel was not to lie any where cause his father would kick him out Jamal's Father kicked him out kno he lives with his brother who dropped out of school and th only way that they can support themselves is stealing and selling Marijuana.
Mrs.Henly gives Linoel an envelope at the end of class about his school work and how he's doing he read it and he had to give it to his dad but he already knew what his dad was going to say about it so he just signed him self and plus anyways he couldn't ask his mom because she in the army and his dad was always woking in another country or city so he never has time for him to ask about his school work and his aunt has a baby whose been teething.
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