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Indigenous Education & Making Change

Breaking Stereotypes and Building Relationships

Chris Scribe

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Indigenous Education & Making Change

PAGC - 2014
Chris Scribe
Breaking Stereotypes
Building Relationships

Saskatchewan Education
Aboriginal & Metis Content
- The Saskatchewan Curriculum has put in words all the opportunity to include First Nation, Inuit and Metis content throughout all the subject areas in K-12 education. However the community of educators have not had the opportunity to learn how, or what to teach in regards to that content.
The Need to Believe
- Indigenous knowledge is an extension of knowledge that has lived on this land for thousands of years. To deny that knowledge to our students is a discredit to the very essence of education.
- Indigenous people will be 1/3 of Saskatchewan's population in the next 20 years. The education community must be equiped to educate our youth in their culture, language and traditions if we are to build a stong future in this province.
- Roughly 80% of Saskatchewan's population is filled with Indigenous people. Most of whom failed or dropped out of our current education system only to walk the path to incarceration.
- It has been 500 years since contact and 140 years since the Treaties 1 - 11 were signed. Ignorance of the Treaties can no longer be acceptable in our education system.
- There are thrid world conditions in this country conditions that we have swept under the rug for far to long. Saskatchewan is not immune to these conditions, they are here, in our backyard.
Lets Start Here!
Most of us are not insane!
What can we do now?
Treaty Education
Indigenous Worldview
Treaty Education
No Treaties in schools means continued ignorance and misinterpretations.
"We are all Treaty People" What does that mean? Do all people believe in this statement?
Nation to Nation, Treaty Obligations, & Living in the modern world.
Knowing and Understanding your importance as an educator to enforce the truths associated with Treaty Education.
For Educators...
For Students...
Teaching Treaties through Oral Tradition
Offer depth and understadning of the spiritual significance of the Treaties.
The reality of the times, what was it like for First Nation people 140 years ago?
Indigenous Worldview
For Educators & Students...
Indigenous People & "Place"
Indigenous People & Language
Indigenous People & Education
Indigenous People & Spirituality
What Does It All Mean?
Indigenous worldview is a combination of 'place, language, education, and spirituality.
It is an understanding and continuation of how our ancestors viewed the world.
How has colonization changed and manipulated Indigenous worldview?
Indigenous people have been colonized, however Indigenous worldview offers the hope that our children will have the opportunity to be more Indigenous than us.
Indigenous worldview does not just benefit Indigenous race, its knowledge and spirit is a benefit to the human race!
Indigenous Song & Dance
For Educators & Students...
Indigenous Song & Dance - Pre-Contact
Indigenous Song & Dance - Pre Treaty Signing
Indigenous Song & Dance - Post Treaty Signing
Indigenous Song & Dance - Present & Future
Indigenous culture has survived because of the resilience and retention of Indigenous Song & Dance.
The stories and oral traditions associated with song & dance give education life, and spirit.
Among the many tools gifted to Indigenous people, Song & Dance have remained at the centre of all our teachings.
Singing and dancing throughout Canada, North America and Overseas, there is no greater teaching tool that Indigenous Song & Dance.
The Truth
- Our education system is failing our children. Its initial goal of assimilation and cultural genocide has left the Indigenous people shredded and tossed aside. The damage has been done, there is no easy answer or government program that can 'fix' this issue. It is left in our hands as educators to to break down the barriers and step out of our comfort zones and teach 'the Treaties', and 'Indigenous Worldview'. The hard truth is that ignorance lives in this province, if we do not promote a change in our schools how can we expect a better future for our children?
Friends Thus Far...
Saskatoon Public School Board
Living Sky School Division
Battleford Agency Tribal Chiefs
Battleford Tribal Agency
Buffalo Boy Productions
Red Echo Associates
Indian Teacher Education Program
Voices - University of Saskatchewan
The Dream...
The implemtation of "true" Indigenous knowledge within every school in Saskatchewan
Extensive Treaty education throughout every grade level in every school in Saskatchewan
Indigeneous knowledge classes infused throughout the college of education in all Universities in Saskatchewan.
Treaty obligations honored and respected by all Treaty people.
The breakdown and elimination of First Nation Stereotypes.
Positive well informed conversations in all our homes regarding Treaties, Worldview and Indigenous culture.
500 years in 2 minutes
It would be so much easier to just fold our hands and not make this fight... to say, I, one man, I can do nothing. I grow afraid only when I see people thinking and acting like this. We all know the story about the man who sat beside the trail too long, and then it grew over and he could never find his way again. We can never forget what has happened, but we cannot go back nor can we just sit beside the trail.
-Chief Poundmaker
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