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No description

Krista Dunigan

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of facebook

I understand why some people dont like facebook or dont want it. Some of those reasons are:
- people sometimes try to start drama
- people just dont want other people in their business
- they see no use in a facebook when you have a phone
- people dont like what other people have to say why and why not... what Krista thinks! Video Time! (: Goal Start Why its good. I think facebook is great! I can keep in contact with my loved ones, who doesnt live near by and play fun games to compete with them. Also, if you have your own business you can make a page all about your job and have people check it out! You can also make pages for a club, sport, class, and really anything else you want! Some people think email is great well i like facebook cause theres so much more to it then just a typed letter. It has easy chat acess and if you dont feel like chatting with someone you can always turn their chat off. Sure people try to start drama sometimes but thats when you delete the person from your facebook and block them! Why people think its good: Why people think Facebook is bad... Facebook - - Its a good site to talk to family and friends you dont get to see often or that moved far away! Why some people dont like it: What i think about Facebook! Facebook has many perks, you get to talk to friends and family for free through chat and message. You can play games with other people, post pictures that you like or if you want to give your far away friends and relatives an idea of what you look like now and how you are. Share funny, cute, true, crazy sayings. Look at FB status and see what people are up to! One More video...
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