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SCVNGR Prezi for Emerging Media

No description

Jeff McAvoy

on 16 December 2010

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Transcript of SCVNGR Prezi for Emerging Media

What is SCVNGR? The Urban Ecology Center
trek on SCVNGR By Jeff McAvoy
for Emerging Media, Fall 2010
Prof: Linda Menck Part location-based mobile game,
part powerful mobile gaming platform. Go Places.
Do challenges.
Earn points. Players Builders Challenges
Treks & What is the
Urban Ecology Center? An environmental educational community center with two locations adjacent to Milwaukee County parks. Riverside Park Washington Park on Milwaukee's East Side on Milwaukee's West Side 22,000 Sq. Ft. "Green" facility with lots of fun and educational features. The second branch of the UEC, serving another community in Milwaukee. So, why build a
SCVNGR trek for
the Urban Ecology Center? The best way to learn about the Urban Ecology Center is to visit. 5 Challenge Types:
Open Text Response
Specific Text Response
Photo Challenge
QR Code The Trek: Explore Riverside Park 6 Challenges: 5 in the building
1 in the park the SCVNGR App How to use the trek in One of the goals of the Center is to get people outside. A trek can be a fun way to explore some of the unique features of the building Mobile technology can help accomplish that, a trek can make it fun and easy to share with Facebook and Twitter friends
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