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How to create trailers on the iMovie app

My staff development with step-by-step instructions on how to make quick trailers on the app. I also have some information on more advanced editing or video effects apps with Morfo Booth, iMotion, Action Movie & VideoFX Live

James Gorcesky

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of How to create trailers on the iMovie app

Quick, simple & engaging for your classroom
How to use iMovie trailers
Hit the "+" at the
bottom and select
"New Trailer"
Pick a template: Some have
"cast members" others don't
Hit "create" once you have one you
Hit play to preview
the trailer for mood
and objective
If you have a "cast member" this trailer
will be about them
This is the Outline
Click on a text box to customize
Remember: Less is MORE
Customize your Credits
They now appear before the
movie and are one of the most viewed
clips on YouTube. In the 60's, film directors like Hitchcock & Stanley Kubrick helped
revolutionize the trailer into a shorter yet highly engaging piece of art
Film editing can be a valuable tool for any classroom. Whether tutorials, short films or showcasing school events. But nothing has more intricate yet simple editing than an iMovie trailer.
At first, trailers "trailed"
the end of films and were basically
superimposed titles over stock footage
Once you are finished with adding your customized titles, select the "storyboard" tab
Do you need to fine
tune that clip?
Wrap it Up
Personalize the Text
Add instant video w/ the IPad camera too
Continue adding clips and preview the film
Storyboards were initially used for creating animated films and shorts. An animated feature (running around 90-120 minutes) would have a room full of thousands of storyboards that would be pinned on the corkboards all around the room.
Storyboards for today’s animation are one of the few job positions remaining in the American animation industry. After the script is written and the storyboards are completed, everything is shipped overseas to make a completed piece of animation.
Today, essentially everything is storyboarded from commercials, to comic books to live action films. Storyboards are used as a careful planning process so that the artists will know what scenes must be filmed, what order everything needs to go and it is also considered a pre-liminary editing process.
What does Ridley
Scott have to
say about Storyboarding
in this PhotoSpeak?

Adding Clips to your Storyboard
3) Press the curved arrow to select it
Click on a Storyboard thumbnail on the left
2) Scrub (go back/forth) the yellow clip selector over a film sample
Click the
icon to
You can video yourself or turn the camera around
When you are ready hit "record"
NOTE: All audio recorded will be
replaced by the trailer's music
Select your film
thumbnail in
the Storyboard
Scrub the
to the
Hit the play button to see how the
selected clip will look within your trailer.
If you are satisfied hit "Done"
Click on the
blue highlighted
text above a
Some personalized titles are
one long bar while others are
seperated. The longer the text
the more compressed it will be
As you type, it will appear as is within your trailer
Click on the blue arrow to
preview your whole film in the
player window
Click this "play"
button to preview
your film in full screen
But what if you have a few spots that you do not like?
If not satisfied with your Preview,
click a clip in your storyboard > scrub
and hit "Done"
If you do something by mistake just hit the undo button
When you are satisfied with your project, hit the star button
which will take you back to the
main iMovie screen
iMotion Hd - Make stop Motion movies
VideoFX Live
Action Movie Fx
From iTunes > Social Media
Morfo 3D Face Booth
Export &
Share your work and Advance your skills
Back on
the main screen
hit this button
to Export
You have
a variety
of options,
but for our
iTunes. You can also export to the Camera Roll afterwards
Select "yes" to Optimize Playback
Next time I sync to iTunes, the file will
be there so that I can upload / share to other sites
Feeling gutsy? Wanna do more with clips and editing?
Select "manual" and then "start"
Keep hitting "Capture" but slightly moving the camera with each click. When done, hit "Stop"
After hitting "stop" you will come to a preview screen of your video.
If you like what you see, hit "Export"
Export to Facebook, or spend $2 to export to other sites
Add Hollywood SPFX to your video
Choose your Effect
Put the target where you want
the effect to happen. Keep the camera
steady and record for at least 5 seconds
Slide the red dot where you
want the FX to start and hit "Ok"
Your video will be rendered with
the FX. Hit "Play" to check out.
If you like it, hit "Share Video"
and then "Save to Camera Roll"
Turn a 2D Photo into a Moving/Talking 3D head
Choose "Create a New Face"
You can then choose a Photo on the camera roll or take one of you
Then select "Done"
Try your best to match up the head within the outline and hit "Done"
Continue to do the same with the eyes, nose and mouth
On this screen you can always fine-tune some of the facial features.
If satisfied, hit "Finish"
On your final screen, you can "Record" your voice to make the head talk.
Within "Record, you can click "More" and choose the mood of the head
"Makeup" / "Morf" provides features that go over your face
If you like what you got, hit "Share"
Finally, hit "Save Video" to export to Camera Roll
Add a variety of filters/fx to clips, even green screen for $1
This is your home screen. Hit +" button to make a new clip
Click a thumbnail on the bottom to select an effect
Once you like one, hit "Record" to shoot a video or the camera icon for a still image
If you scroll all the way to the right on the thumbnails, you can combine effects too
After filming, you have these options. I would recommend you "Review Video" so that you can see if you need to edit anything prior to finalizing the clip.
The video that you just shot will play full screen.
Press Play to view it
Press Done and you will return to the Home Screen
If you saw something you didn't like, hit "Edit" and then "Modify." You can then add more effects and lengthen your clip
If you are satisfied, hit "Send" and then "Send to Camera Roll"
Email jgorcesky@gmail/horrycountyschools.net
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