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Camille Claudel

No description

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Camille Claudel

Camille Claudel
Early Life
Born on December 8, 1864 in Northern France
The family moved and traveled a lot, however she and her brother loved the landscape of the area.
Paul Claudel: younger brother, poet, and diplomat
Schooling and Mentors
In 1881, she was accepted into Colarossi Academy in Paris after Alfred Boucher expressed interest in her work and suggested she get into an arts school.
Boucher would frequently visit Claudel to critique and advise her in her work
Boucher moved to Italy in 1883
Early Art
Since at an early age, Claudel loved working with clay, and before attending school for art, she was already sculpting family members.
By age 15 she had already completed many important figures. Such as Napoleon, David and Goliath.
Auguste Rodin
Auguste Rodin took over for Boucher after his move to Italy
Rodin was interested in Claudel and her work and eventually hired her to be his assistant
Claudel helped with many of his famous sculptors including Gates of Hell, and is suspected to have helped with his Burghers of Calais piece
Claudel also modeled for Rodin frequently
A love affair
Rodin and Claudel worked very close together, and though Claudel started as his pupil, a love affair began to form
The love affair between 43 year old Rodin and 19 year old Claudel lasted for around 15 years.
However, Rodin was a ladies man and was also seeing Rose Beuret during this time.
Rodin refused to choose between his two lovers
Claudel's Madness
In the early 1900's Claudel started destroying everything she made, stopped taking care of herself, and grew paranoid that Rodin was plotting against her.
In 1913 after her father's death Paul (brother) admitted her to Ville-Evrard, a mental asylum near Paris.
Claudel remained in a mental asylum until she died on October 19, 1943
I live in a world that is so curious, so strange, of the dream which was my life, this is the nightmare." written to a friend in 1935 by Claudel
From 1891-1892 Rodin sculpted many works of Claudel, while she sculpted The Waltz (1891) and her Bust of Rodin (1892)
In 1893 Claudel entered her peak with her piece Clotho http://www.rodin-web.org/claudel/bio/pix/clotho.jpg
By 1889 Rodin and Claudel's relationship was over
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Works of Art
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