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shalont dixon

on 16 May 2017

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Transcript of Grasslands

Biomes book
what are grasslands?
From the Amazon rain forest to across the Atlantic ocean, you will see grassland everywhere. Grasslands are land filled wet or dry grass. The most grassland is found in west Africa. Most of Africa is covered in grass, mostly dry.
The impact of grasslands
The grassland is a natural part of the earths surface. 25% of the earth is made up of grassland and land just in general. We need the oxygen from the grass for fresh air, it keeps us alive. The grassland kills bad oxygen and opens its fresh oxygen. Also the the grassland can be used in our everyday vegetable, lettuce. The soil that comes from grassland makes our fruits and vegetables really fresh
Animals and climate
The climate of grass land is usually bipolar. Hot temperature grassland can go from 80'F to 110'F wile cold grassland can go to 30'F to -40'C in winter season. The animals love grasslands. Some animals that live on grasslands are-
Cats (Tigers, Lions, etc)
Big mammals (Hippos, Elephant, Monkeys)
Prairie Dogs
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