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"a song of hope" analysis

No description

brendan ta

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of "a song of hope" analysis

poetic analysis of "song of hope" by Kath Walker (Oodgeroo Noonuccal)

“A song of hope” was written by Kath Walker in the 1960 to show the relief and new found hope when the racism towards the Aboriginals by the English settlers slowly diminished in 1960. This was also written during the time when the stolen generation period was almost over.
Sentence Structure
one sentence paragraphs
e.g. "To the father's fathers the paid the sorrow, to our children's children the glad tomorrow"

e.g. "
rights will greet us

mateship meet us"

In conclusion, Kath Walker has wonderfully showcased her feeling of hope and happiness towards the slowly disappearing racism in direction to the Aboriginals through out her poem “a song of hope”. This has successfully positioned the reader to see the suffering and relief that Kath has been through and hopefully send the message to see the aboriginals in a new, positive light.
"A Song Of Hope"
Look up, my people,
The dawn is breaking
The world is waking
To a bright new day
When none defame us
No restriction tame us
Nor colour shame us
Nor sneer dismay.

Now brood no more
On the years behind you
The hope assigned you
Shall the past replace
When a juster justice
Grown wise and stronger
Points the bone no longer
At a darker race.

So long we waited
Bound and frustrated
Till hate be hated
And caste deposed
Now light shall guide us
No goal denied us
And all doors open
That long were closed.

See plain the promise
Dark freedom-lover!
Night's nearly over
And though long the climb
New rights will greet us
New mateship meet us
And joy complete us In our new Dream Time.

To our fathers' fathers The paid, the sorrow; To our children's children the glad tomorrow.

Evaluative Language
eg. "now light shall guide us"

"the dawn is breaking"
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