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College Weekenders

No description

Tori Boyle

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of College Weekenders

College Weekenders
-able to know who else signed up
-able to sign up as a group
-cheaper than trying to organize it on your own
-more efficient than the current WFU bus provided
-easy to use
-affordable and includes travel, accommodations, and tickets
How to Use:
Background Information
Works Cited
Epting, L., Riggs, K. N., Knowles, J. D., & Hanky, J. J. (2011). Cheers vs. Jeers: Effects of Audience Feedback on Individual Athletic Performance. North American Journal Of Psychology, 13(2), 299-312.
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Brennan, Eamonn. "Hoops Success Help Enrollment." ESPN.com. ESPN, 27 Aug. 2012. Web. 28 Nov. 2013.

-USC: 18,000 undergraduates
-WFU: 4,815 undergraduates
-Start-up cost: $53,721
-$350,000/4 = $87,500
-Fliers: $100
-E-mails: Through the wfu system would be free
-Rental bus for 150-200 people: $12,000
-Hotel costs:$9000 per day and with a two-night stay, $18,000 (this assumes 3-4 people share a $120 room)
-Food:$50 a day per person. For two days, it would total about $20,000
-$250 per person OR $295/$395 for all 10 games

How to Use:
- passion for travel, entertainment, and college sports
-organized and affordable packaged trips for college students
-serviced over 500 students with affordable transportation, lodging and tickets to important away games
-highest quality packaged trips to create lasting memories
-reputable student travel organization that provides the perfect atmosphere for fun and camaraderie.
How to Use:
How to Use:

Crowd - key element in home-field advantage (American Journal of Psychology)
WF Football Won only one away game this season
From 2006-2007 $50 million growth in out state tuition at University of Alabama (Forbes)
George Mason - final four - admission inquiries rose 350 percent (ESPN)
Why Go to Games?
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