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Fish In A Tree

No description

Maddy Sexton

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Fish In A Tree

Fish In A Tree

The setting takes place in a small town where everyone knows each other. Ally is always at her public middle school, her house, or the diner where Ally's mother works at.

Main characters

The theme of Fish in A Tree is when people have low expectations of you, you can sometimes use it to your advantage. For example, in the beginning of the novel everyone thought Ally was capable of very little. Ally soon learned she is more than someone who struggles with reading, and it was time to become more confident and take matters into her own hands. Soon she surprised her classmates and teacher by participating more and putting more effort into her school work
"When people have low expectations of you, you can sometimes use it to your advantage."

Critical review
Ally is a middle school student in the 8th grade. Everyday in school she struggles with simple skills, like reading and writing. Even though Ally is a wonderful person and talented artist, she is constantly getting bullied at school. When Ally's class gets a new teacher (Mr. Daniels) he discovers that she may have a learning disability. Ally is given a test that shows she has dyslexia. Along the way she meets a new group of friends that give her confidence and help her cope with her disability. In the end Ally is a very confident person, and very successful in and out of school.

Ally: Ally is a shy, creative, funny person. Ally has always struggled in school and with making new friends. She is always trying to do the right thing even when people put her down. Throughout the book Ally's confidence grows by learning how to read and write with her disability. Ally also has more friends by being class president, and putting herself out there more.
Mr. Daniels: Mr.Daniels is the new teacher in the 8th grade. He loves his job and strives to making every student feel self-assured about what they are doing. Mr. Daniels dedicates most of his time working with Ally and trying to figure out why school is so challenging for her. When he discovers she has dyslexia, it is a great break through. They work together to find new ways to learn with her disability.
Shay: Shay constantly makes fun of Ally for everything she does. On top of bullying, Shay also bosses around all of her friends. Shay's mother is very hard on her, that is why I think she is hard on everyone else.
I enjoyed reading this book and the message it revealed about the struggles Ally faced in her home life. She then surprised people by changing her attitude about school and friends. This struggle was powerful and done in an interesting way. I thought this book could of been improved by creating more conflicts, and talking about her family life more. This novel was set apart from other books I've read in this similar genre by really giving Ally's point of view on everything. I would recommend this book to someone who wanted a book that made them feel good, or wanted a good life lesson.
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