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Copy of Someone Named Eva

No description

Madison Raub

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Someone Named Eva

Someone Named Eva Point of View:
was in 1st person Protagonist: Milada
Antagonist: The Nazis Setting: the setting takes place in Pucshkau,Poland
at a lebensborn camp for girls with blonde hair and light colored eyes. Falling Action Climax The Theme Joan M. Wolf Internal:
External: Milada Vs. Nazis MIlada Vs. Remebering who she is The Theme of Someone Named Eva is to never forget who you truly are inside. The Conflict The conflict of the story is Eva wants to go home with her family and also wants the soldiers to leave Czechoslovakia. Flashback An example of flashback in someone Named Eva was when she thought back to the time when her grandma said, "Remember who your are Milada, Always." The climax in Someone Named Eva is when Eva was taken from her home away from her family.The reason why I said this is because it's suspension, and I literally couldn't take my eyes off the book until the Climax was over. The falling action in the book would probably have to be the time when she was adopted. The reason why I said this is because after she was done with the Lebensborn camp it all went down hill from there. Rising Action The rising action in this story, Someone Named Eva,
is when Eva was in the Lebensborn camp. The reason why I chose this part of the story is because she was in there for two years. Denouement The resolution to this book was when Eva was rescued by Russians after WWII ended. The Russians took her back to her mom, but sadly her brother and dad were killed. Her grandma was sent to a concentration camp and the work was too much to bear. She died at the camp. While staying with her mom's cousin, Eva's mom was taking time to recover from the hard work at the concentration camp. On the other hand, her little baby sister was adopted by a Nazi family and she couldn't be found.
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