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Atticus Finch "To Kill a Mockingbird" Film Character Scrapbook

Character Scrapbook

Margarita Gomez

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Atticus Finch "To Kill a Mockingbird" Film Character Scrapbook

Judge Taylor asked me to
take the case of Tom Robinson,
a Negro.

It would be like killing a mockingbird. Negros had done no wrong to me. I had to say yes. To Kill a Mockingbird Perspective of Main Character
Film Version
By: Margarita Gomez Every night Scout asks Jem how their
mother was. It makes me sad that Scout was only two when their mother died and does not remember anything about her at all. the day when they charged tom robinson for me taking his case. Bob Ewell approached the day that the charged Tom Robinson Bob Ewell approached me. telling me that he was sorry that i was pickd to defend Tom Robinson but that i should not worry because he knew that the person n fhgfjhgfhgf My father told me it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. He explained that it was because they do no harm to us. All they do is sing beautiful songs for us. One time I had to shoot a mad dog. Jem didn't know I could shoot. He was amazed. Scout is a brave girl, the night Tom Robinson was brought back, a mob came to mistreat him. I couldn't stop them but Scout saved the night!

She had a little talk with a guy about debts. The thing is, that guy owed me. That night I was sitting outside the jail reading a book. a mob came and asked me for Tom. I told them he was asleep and to go home but they didn't. Actually, Tom was awake and I hoped they wouldn't say anything offending about him. Then Scout, Jem and Dill came up to me. Scout started to have a little conversation with Mr. Cunningham. She was talking about debts. Mr. Cunningham seemed to remember that he owed us. He left with the rest of the mob.The kids left for home too. The day of the trial the court was packed.

After Mayella, the "victim", I felt sure we would win the case because you could obviously tell she was lying.

I found some very important details that proved Tom was innocent. Tom was found guilty.
As he was being taken away, I told him not to lose hope we still had a second chance. He looked miserable anyway. Since Bob was found dead, I thought that Jem had killed him but then I found out that Boo, whose real name is Arthur Radely, had been the one who did it. Had saved my children.
Arthur Radely:

Thanks for my children Boo. Atticus Finch

http://www.afrcreative.com/Blog/box.jpg Jem, my son keeps asking for a gun but he is barely 10.

Before shooting After shooting My kids imagination: Who he really is: Jem and Scout, my daughter, and their summer friend Dill are very curious of a "crazy man" whom the town calls Boo Radely. He is actually very nice but antisocial. If i said no...

Coward! Me

Thirteen or fourteen Mockingbird Sin To know where I got all the pictures go to... Me, trying to get a good shot

"nigger lover" That night, when I was going to the Robinson's place, Bob Ewell, the guy who set the charge against Tom, saw me and called me a "nigger lover." I got mad but not because he had called me that, but because he used the word nigger. The truth was clear. Mayella had tried to seduce Tom but he ran away. Unfortunately, Bob, Mayella's dad, had seen the whole thing. He started hitting Mayella. Then they blamed it all on Tom who had done nothing. They did it because Tom was a daily reminder of what Mayella had done. She, a white woman, had tried to seduce a black man. Mayella

That night I found out that while Tom tried to escape he had been killed and that I was the one to tell his family. It was so hard but I did. Toms wife looked the worst of all. After l left Bob came and spat on my face. I kept my cool because I knew that to make me mad was Bob's goal. Halloween night events: Scout and Jem go to school performance Halloween night events: Jem and Scout leave
to school program. Jem and scout take too
long to get home, I worry. I
doctor. Scout gets home after. Scout discovers boo. It was a long night.
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