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Conceptualize Events

No description

Maria Mateo

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Conceptualize Events

Conceptualize Events
Conceptualize Events.
Large physical evidence,such as a handgun used in a criminal homicide, is often easily found at the crime scene.There is a possibility that a much smaller types of evidence are also present, these will be located only if the investigator is able to conceptualize events.
Multiple Female
Found strangled and stabbed
One of the victims was found near a door
Suspect was identified and convicted of murder
Must be checked for accuracy
trace evidence vacuums are quite useful in locating very small items of evidence.
Trace Evidence: often located using alternative light systems
It does not take a great deal of conceptualization to recognize larger items of evidence at a crime scene.
Crime Scene
Keep in mind both facts and inferences
When assumption is made......
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