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Career shadowing

No description

Hardy Simms

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Career shadowing

Carpenter Company This company was founded by E.R. Carpenter in 1948 Carpenter Company is a world wide company, they even have some companys in France I career chadowed my dad,he drives trucks for Carpenter Co. He had worked there for more than 5 years now. On his job he has to drive trucks to other companys and unload the trucks when he get there.In his truck there are tons of padding.The padding is used for beds and pellows. He says this job is fun because he gets to travel all over Florida and see different things.Sometimes he goes to Georgia and North Carolina. Reflection peice You have to have a high school degree
and your truck driver licenes.Because you need to be able to to drive one. In 15 years this company will get larger and it will have new and better technology. This company uses alot of taechnology because they have to find out where are they gonna ship there products to. I thought this job is fun because you can get to travel all over the Unitedstates and get to see new places. I dont like this job because it isnt a high paying job. The average salary is 1000k a year. I would like to have this job in the future.
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