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Job and Internship Search Strategies (Fall 2014)

No description

GW Center for Career Services

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Job and Internship Search Strategies (Fall 2014)

Job and Internship Search Strategies
Center for Career Services Hours:
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Drop-In Hours: Monday - Friday, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
800 21st St. NW, Suite 505
Identify Your Interests, Strengths and Skills
Research and Explore
Develop a Target and Networking List
Work interests?
Spare time?
Read for fun?
Do for free?

What do I do well?
Add value to an employer?
Good grades?
Positive comments?

industries and jobs of interest
position titles
what employers hire for these positions:
CCS Resource Room (5th floor Marvin Center)
CCS Website
Career Option Sheets
GWork (Candid Career, Vault, Going Global, Employer page)
Internet (LinkedIn, Google, O*Net)
Develop Your Plan
Build a Network
1. Eye Contact
2. Know Your Audience
3. Emphasize Key Personality Traits
4. Outline your pitch:
a. Key strengths and qualities
b. Interest in the company/industry
c. Ability to solve problems
d. Unique contributions
e. Your pitch
5. Perfect Your Pitch
6. Be Prepared
7. Keep in Touch
Elevator Pitch
Informational Interviews
Find interviewees from Target List
Briefly research
Introduce yourself
Schedule a meeting or talk spontaneoulsy
(Thoroughly) Research and prepare your questions
Thank you and follow up
Continue to add to target list and interview
Apply and Interview
Identify Your
Existing Network
Family & friends
Others in your social network
Past employers, supervisors, colleagues
Professors, advisors
Alumni, student organizations
Your Network
Introduce Yourself to Professionals
Research background
Determine commonalities
Establish contact
Schedule a meeting
Offer something
Thank you
Log it on target list
Stay in touch

Internships/Cooperative Education
Resume/Cover Letter Critiques
Career Resource Room
Career Assessment
Career Fairs/Expos
My Career Success Plan
Career Consulting Appointments/Drop ins
Online Resources
GWAA Linked In
On Campus Recruiting
Employer Site Visits
Center for Career Services
Computer Science example
Career Option Sheet
Sample Resume
Museum Studies
Career Option Sheet
Sample Resume
Remember to
resume and
cover letter to each application
The Informational Interview Process
Why Informational Interview?
To gain information:
insight into career interests
learn the day-to-day work

Types of questions to ask...
What do you do?
How did you get there?
Who else should I talk to?
Can we stay in touch?
Offer to help
1. Application Materials
Where are the jobs?
Online (GWork, Job boards)
Your network
Informational interviews
Word of mouth

keep Informational Interviewing
to continue learning
to gain leads for jobs
to add to your network
Upcoming Programs
Networking at the Career Fair
Preparing Your Resume for the Career Fair
How to Find Your Dream Job or Internship...
Step 1
. Identify Interests, Strengths & Skills
Research & Explore
Develop a Target List
Build a Network (Informational Interview)
Communicate Your Value
Apply for Jobs &
Informational Interview
Step One:
Step Two:
Step Three:
Step Four:
How do I initiate contact?
What is critical to a successful job search?
time to reflect
strong communication skills
follow through
Career and Internship Fair
your plan
Your Existing Network
Who is in it?

The George Washington Alumni Association
GWAA Sub-groups
Other professional groups

Career Advisor Network (alumni)
Professional & student organizations
Professional & social events
Career fairs, expos, & campus events
Informational interviews
To network:
develop professional relationships
obtain additional contacts and targets

To obtain leads:
other contacts
job/intership leads
Learn the day to day
Develop a strategy
Add to network
Cultivate the relationship
Add value
2. Communication Skills
Thank you notes
Voice messages
Professional introductions
During the application process, continue to improve your...
Effective Internship and Job Strategies
(add them to your target list)
When does the pitch happen?
About the pitch:
Job Resources:
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