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Children's Pathway - our journey

The Children's Pathway - London Borough of Hillingdon

Sara Allen

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Children's Pathway - our journey

The Children's Pathway
The Journey

Introduction to SMT
Strategic Overview
Safeguarding and Quality Assurance
Consists of:

What we do
Arms length feedback
Merlin Joseph
Director of Children and Young People's Services
Continuing the Pathway Journey
Where are we now?
10.00 - 10.40
Strategic Overview & Service Areas
Developing our Directorate
What works for you?
Close & next steps
Putting Families First
More joined up services
A greater focus on getting it right first time
Developing independent families
Strategic Framework
Half Pipe Model and our Services
All Age Disabilities
One place to access services
Triage Services
Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub
NWOW in across CYPS
Removing red tape
Service Directory
Where are we now
Key Working Services
Family Centred Networks
Local Offer
Strengthening the front line
Related structures
Disabilities Service
Technical Admin
Supporting the new ways of working
Quality Assurance and learning from audits
Independent Review Office Service
Lead for Local Safeguarding Children Board
Child Safeguarding Advice and Support for Schools
Local Authority designated Officer
Family Group Conferencing
Children's participation and advocacy
Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy Service
Child Death Overview Panel
Student Unit
- Consultation underway

- New model to support the whole pathway

-Staff expressing views and helpful opinions on the flexible model going forward
Management consultation underway looking at an all age disabilities.
Matrix Management between Merlin and Tony: Head of Service will report to both
"Critical Friend"
Eyes and ear
of the service
Checks and balances
Promotion of Social work practice and learning from research
Promoting a Learning Culture
Social Care
Children Social Work teams now delivering New Ways of Working:
Single holistic assessment
Signs of Safety
Pod working
Children in Care and Care Leavers
Moving into pods
Focusing on permanency
Improving outcomes for Looked After Children
Working collaboratively with the whole service
Fostering and Adoption
Fostering and adoption joint recruitment prototype underway
New ways of working focusing on supporting children to live locally and leave care
Early Intervention and Prevention
To enable families to thrive, be healthy and safe by making timely interventions to prevent family problems arising or enabling them to be overcome at the first opportunity
We do this by:
Early years education and childcare

Youth work and youth support services

Youth Offending Services

Family key-working services

Family, information, advice and support

Education welfare services including activity which identifies and support children missing education

Co-ordination of work in support of ‘troubled families’.

Intervention and Prevention
Education, Policy and Standards
Re-designing the structure to:

- Meet our statutory responsibilities with regards to Education & young people's participation

- Responding to transformation agenda and the changing national policy landscape

- Developing partnerships with schools and setting
Peter Malewicz - Group Finance Manager
How much is spent?
Children's Services £23million
Early Intervention £10million
Dedicated Schools Grant £232million
Staffing £15million
Non staffing £17million
Income £9 million
Staffing £5million
Non staffing £5million
Income £1 million
Early Years £18million
Schools £184million
High Needs (SEN) £30million
Medium Term Financial Forecast (MTFF)
Saving Analysis
2011/12 £26.2million
2012/13 £17.7million
2013/14 £17.1million
2014/15 £17million
Total £78million
Saving Proposals 2013/14
Children Services £1.944million
- Non staffing costs
Early Intervention £500k
- Snr management salaries
- Deletion of a long standing vacancy
On track to deliver these savings
Speed Dating
Finding out about you!
What works for you
Next steps
Building & developing services that deliver best outcomes
Continuing to embed and develop new ways of working
The journey is challenging - but the end destination is a worth it
"Optimism is a strategy for making a better future, because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so"
Noam Chomsky
-Begin the process of understanding the roles and functions of others within the business
-Find out a bit more about their date, name, place of work and what they do
- Go on a ‘date’ with a colleague you don’t know and haven’t worked with
- Introduce yourself and share a piece of work /case study that illustrates your contribution to the Services vision and purpose

At the end of the date take a contact email or phone number and commit to either:
- Arrange a follow up date to develop the relationship because of common interest or potential joint working; or
- Agree to note contact for future reference.

How do you propose that we continue to foster a cross-service team approach to our work?

What methods can we use to enable and ensure that we work effectively together to realise our vision?

What recommendations would you offer to strengthen how we communicate and work together with one another
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